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    Crazy Craigs List Ad

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    River Dave accused of being a squatter

    ANTERBURY, N.H. (AP) — For almost three decades, 81-year-old David Lidstone has lived in the woods of New Hampshire along the Merrimack River in a small cabin adorned with solar panels. He has grown his own food, cut his own firewood, and tended to his cat and chickens. But his off-the-grid...
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    Police searching for a missing boater

    Windsor Basin, heard he fell off a pontoon in the storm. NO life jacket. Sucks
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    [Sold]1999 F-350,7.3,C.C.,DRW

    Original owner,255,00 miles,7.3 with a Banks Stinger kit,6.0 transmission cooler,flip up gooseneck hitch,brake controller, drive it anywhere. Overall good condition,has some flaking paint and small dings, door lock actuators not working. Truck is at Havasu Landing. $12,000. 951.217.1684.....Kent
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    Gel Coat Chip. DIY ?

    New to me boat has a chip just below the rub rail. It drives me crazy. Something I can do with a DIY kit or best left to a pro?
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    Fenders, 8 x 20, new (Sold)

    4 brand new ,hole through the center, 8" x 20".. $100. Located at Havasu Landing
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    Windsor Launch Ramp Incident on Judge Judy right now

    She's an a hole
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    Look at This Big F'er

    Not a rattler, but still startles you when get out of the golf cart and almost step on it
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    Cheap Magic Deck

    Not mine, Inland Empire C/L. If it's real some dudes gonna be pissed
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    Boriana mine, rattlesnake,javelinas,gold fish,RD SUX and snow

    Took a ride to Boriana mine yesterday. Saw a couple Javelina ( no picture they crossed the trail behind our car ), checked out the goldfish, saw a RD Sux sticker at the mine. Headed up further towards Kingman, had a deer cross right in front of us, I need to get a go pro. Made it up to the burn...
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    Hank Aaron

    Truly one of the greats. Hammering Hank dead at 86. RIP
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    (SOLD) 2007 Jeep Wrangler X

    2007 Jeep Wrangler,2 door.3.8 V6,6 speed manual,A/C,75,400 miles,LED headlights,taillights and clearance lights, winch,high lift jack,power windows,door locks,cruise control,rear rack,removable hardtop, freedom tops,spiderweb shade,neoprene seat covers,original seats are xlnt condition,car...
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    SOLD RZR Paddle and Knobby Tires

    2 Sand paddle tires and wheels (29 11x14) 2 Maxxis Bighorn (29x9x14), like new.4 Wheel spacers.Located in Nuevo, but I'm in Havasu Landing nearly every week. Call or text me. Kent 951.217.1684
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    Aftermarket Tow Mirrors ,GMC 2500

    What's a good aftermarket tow mirror, GMC 2500 HD. Don't need heated mirrors or integrated turn signals. Just need to be electric for the mirror adjustment, not in and out and not shake when going down the road.
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    Drum set on Hwy 177

    Anybody else see the drum set on 177 today? It was at the Cal Trans site we call the rock pile. On the right hand side as you're heading out of Desert Center. Giant, concert sized drum set sitting there. WTF. Looked like this.
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    Question for welder /fab guys

    Looking at this dune/sand buggy. I like it but it has a broken chassi. Can this be fixed easily enough? 3 breaks 1 on each side of the coil and one by the upper shock mount.
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    Blow Job Stool

    Now available at Aldi
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    Asking For My Girlfriend.....Really

    What's a good mani pedi place in Havasu. Her daughter is coming out next weekend for her Bday and they want to get their nails done.
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    Whitey Ford Died.

    Most of you are probably too young to remember him, one of my favorite players. Also one of the best big game pitchers ever. Could drink all night, show up the next day and totally control the game. RIP
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    Ford vs Chevy & Dodge

    This might be the greatest commercial ever.