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  1. ilmormark

    Met RD today at topock in his slick Avalon with twins!

    I have always thought that Dave was kinda of an arrogant kinda guy. Well i have changed my mind supper nice guy very friendly nice guy!
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    Looking fir a Riverfront here at Rio Buena Vista for sale will to pay a premium I am not a realtor or an Investor! Mark 714 788 1938
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    Be careful AIR BNB people

    So my son has a high school acquaintance thats in and out of jail. Just got out and called my son said he isnt drug dealing anymore wow thats great. Then offers him a new washer and dryer for 400 clearly worth way more than that by his explanation. Now what he does is makes credit cards in the...
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    Needles Marina Update

    The Desert Star reports! http://www.mohavedailynews.com/needles_desert_star/former-needles-marina-park-being-developed-as-modern-resort/article_760f9d68-3266-11e9-86f8-9fb47d197352.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share
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    Rob at Quality Custom Marine Frustrating issue with my boat!

    OK i bought a hull and got messed around by a couple of guys but bottom line Bob at Shockwave rigged it and did an amazing job. Every time i take it out it throws a fault and goes to idle very sporadic i have taken it to 3 certified mercury racing guys in bullhead and Havasu. After a few bucks...
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    need help trying to find one of these

    When i dropped my boat at the storage place there was a Magic there with a to me unique boat cover he stretch to fit it over his boat. He needed no straps and it went all the way down the sides of his boat similar to this pic now i know this is probably one of those shrinkwrap ones but the one i...
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    Car Decision??

    So the lease is up on my MBZ S550 i took this lease because i thought my kids would go out to dinner with us all the time and i would need a 4 door. Well they all prefer to drive themselves. So here is my question which car would you choose either a Jaguar F-type R a Porsche Panamera 4S or a...
  9. ilmormark

    Its probably about time this happened

    https://laughlinbuzz.blogspot.com/2018/03/pioneer-casino-in-laughlin-closing.html?m=1 The Pioneer hotel is closing
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    Vapor Lock Issue

    Hey everyone i have an issue with a newer boat and i cant for the life of me figure something out. When i fill up my tanks and give it throttle it will die and throw an error on the gauge i have had the best of them check it out and cant seem to fix it. So i started loosening the gas caps and...
  11. ilmormark

    Pavati boats

    I am not a fan of ski boats and i have never seen a more luxurious boat in my days Pavati or something like that this machine is 250K i cant believe it has anyone ever seen or heard of one of these boats heated seats chilled cup holders amazing my neighbor got one a while back and i saw it in...
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    Funny but true!

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    Is this a good deal its a buddy of mine i have it on hold

    I dont know anything about these kinda boats but im interested if anyone thinks this is a good deal??? https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/boa/d/spectra-24-drive-12995/6321052890.html
  14. ilmormark

    Carrera 282

    I asked a lot of people about this hull before i bought it and got some negatives and no one really knew about it. Well after the guy i bought it from jerked me around for a while on rigging it i pulled it from him and took it to BOB at Shockwave in corona to finish it. I asked him to finish it...
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    LOL this guy can compete all day long at desert storm

    Check out this you tube video https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1828195270831880&id=100009242751712&comment_id=1828260487492025&notif_t=like&notif_id=1493264174826793
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    Carrera 282 or Aftershock Afterparty

    I am looking for someone with one of these boats i have finally finished mine seems to be running wet. Need some Bow lift suggestions i originally ran a 26 Bravo 1 and than i moved to a 27 Labbed less the diffuser ring! There was a guy that bought one and had an ilmor installed and i wonder what...
  17. ilmormark

    New Carrera 282 Finally

    Finally after almost 18 months i have finally run my new never rigged Carrera 282 (aftershock afterparty) the guy that sold me the hull took advantage of the situation and than Bob at Shockwave did a first class job he had to take it all apart and put it back together the right way and it came...
  18. ilmormark

    Carrera 282/ Aftershock deck boat

    Has anyone bought one of these hulls and rigged it? Id be interested in talking with the guys that bought one and rigged it. Or any comments regarding the carrera 282 Please PM me or post here thanks!
  19. ilmormark

    Carrera boats shockwave boats

    Has anyone ever hear of Ray Nevarez i have a friend finishing a build on a deck boat with him and i am considering one as well? Looking for some input about the quality and the guy you can message me private if you prefer. He is also with another guy name Kevin Christianson as well i think...