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  1. Yoshiro

    AN fittings in Havasu? help

    I'm in Havasu this week and need to replace a -10 AN 90 degree fitting on my boat. Where in town should I go look for one? Standard old school type, not a push lock. The Summit brand one I have is leaking a little. Figured I would try replacing it. Thanks guys!
  2. Yoshiro

    Havasu Landing restaurants?

    Looking for some advice on this place for food. If we were looking for a place to dock the boat and go grab a bite, is it OK? Obviously Pirate's and Topock 66 are fun but if I wanted to stay closer in to Havasu is the casino a good option by boat? Thanks
  3. Yoshiro

    Good Gym in Havasu for lifting?

    With Havasu Fitness closed, is there a gym in Havasu that would be good for lifting weights? Don't even mention Planet Fitness, they won't let a 300lb bodybuilder like me in the front door. I might hurt someones feelings they say.
  4. Yoshiro

    Advice needed - Mineral deposits on stainless boat parts

    I think the dull grey deposits that coat polished stainless very quickly in Havasu are from minerals? My question is do you guys know a trick to prevent the hours of polishing work needed to remove the deposits? Luckily where I usually boat we don't get this dull coating, but when I visit...