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  1. Steve-o

    Shout out to SoCal speed and marine

    Stand up guys. They dropped what they were doing to help me with a problem and got me back on the water ASAP. Also, their prices were some of the cheapest I’ve seen.
  2. Steve-o

    Hardin marine water pump in havasu?

    Anyone know where I can get a Hardin marine water pump in havasu today for my 496? My current one went bad and need to rebuild it. I’ve tried nordic and Barrett this morning with no luck. Thanks
  3. Steve-o

    Ford V10 specialist or RV engine rebuilder?

    Anyone know of a V10 shop or RV engine rebuild shop with a good reputation in the LA or SoCal area? Found a pretty good deal on a used RV but needs a rebuild. Only shop I’ve found that’s reputable seems to be in Phoenix that specializes in this situation. Thanks
  4. Steve-o

    What do you think about RV inspections?

    Looking at buying a used motorhome private party from about 7 hours away. Do you think an RV inspection is worth it? If so, where would you find one? Looks like many options.
  5. Steve-o

    Emergency vehicles at Windsor

    Anyone know what’s going on right now at Windsor? Nosey Rosey here.
  6. Steve-o

    Moab in July

    We were thinking of heading to utah then Colorado in July and want to bring our sxs but looks like it may be too hot. We were thinking Moab. Anyone try this at that time of year? I have some younger kids so it would need to be comfortable temps.
  7. Steve-o

    Found in the channel

  8. Steve-o

    Nevada boat registration

    Got my new stickers in the mail and the sticky part stuck to the paper... Anyone else have this problem? Called NDOW and nobody answers. Left a voicemail.
  9. Steve-o

    Shoutout to safeglo!

    Big thank you Robert and the men at Safeglo. They hooked it up with whips, a light bar, and rock lights. Just finished wiring them up.
  10. Steve-o

    Advice on a code reader/ scan tool?

    My wife’s car has a “service suspension system” message that keeps popping up. I checked with my code reader and no codes. I looked at all the lines and wiring and everything seems good. Fuses are good. Compressor is good. Next step is to purchase a scan tool that can talk to the computer and...
  11. Steve-o

    Any havasu rentals 2 houses side by side for DEsert storm?

    Anyone know of any havasu houses that are available for desert storm 4/25-4/28? Need to be next door to each other or very close because of young kids. We have 4 families that all want to be near each other. Thanks
  12. Steve-o

    Hardin marine gen 7 water pump for 496 motor

    Just finished the deluxe rebuild kit. Pressing the pulley/ bearings and seals was definitely a PITA but it's done.... If anyone in the area has to do one and needs a hand, I have the tools. Let me know. Btw I knew I needed to rebuild the pump after noticing extra water in my bilge and the...
  13. Steve-o

    Shout out to Chris at HTW

    Thanks Chris (RVRKID) for the hookup on some new wheels and tires!
  14. Steve-o

    Going to Maui Thursday. Any must sees or recommendations?

    Flying into Maui Thursday for a week. Staying at the Hyatt in kaanapali area. Any recommendations? So far, mamas fish house, nicks at waileia, and snorkel an area that's only accessed by boat. Thanks!
  15. Steve-o

    Know of any havasu home rentals with house next door available too?

    Looking for two houses side by side for a large family group. Hard to find, any help would be great. Would prefer lake side of the highway close to the ramp. Thanks!
  16. Steve-o

    Can someone school me on coast guard boat registration

    I get that the coast guard requires you to register with whatever state the boat is primarily used in but what if we usually boat in the ocean and occasionally trailer to havasu? I have always just done state registration but is coast guard maybe a better way to go?
  17. Steve-o

    Which type of gel coat to buy for beach rash

    I would like to repair my beach rash with a thick coat of gel coat (maybe multiple layers). Don't beach that often and when we do we usually coast on and carry up a foot or two. Since you can't really even see the area I'm not too concerned about making it perfect. When I tried to buy white gel...
  18. Steve-o

    Help! Need a havasu home to rent 6/26-30 on Janet or Peachblossom

    We have two families going with only one house on either street. Looking for anyone who knows anyone to rent another home close by. We are going 6/26-30 Thanks!