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    Rip Danny d

    I've always preferred '59 and '63 over the '64, but Golden Rose is definitely one of my favorite paint jobs ever. RIP.
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    Truck Stolen

    Turns out he had a partner.
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    Truck Stolen

    Norwalk and Slauson I believe
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    Truck Stolen

    This Regal was also stolen last night in Whittier...I wonder if there is a connection and maybe this info might help. We were able to get the plate (8VGY470) off of the Infiniti G37 that the thief was driving but no telling if that car is stolen too. At the very least there's the guy's face.
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    Drive shower prop clearance

    Probably won't be an issue since this hull doesn't even like positive trim anyway (at least with my setup and the Bravo 24P I had)
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    Drive shower prop clearance

    Finally got around to getting a 23P Rev4 for my boat. Looking forward to seeing how it performs and what it does for my cruising RPM labor day weekend. That being said, it gets VERY close to the pickup for my drive shower. I'm wondering if I should cut it shorter, or if it won't be an issue...
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    Is a depth finder necessary for Powell?

    My father seems to think fixing the depth finder on the Lavey is of dire importance. I'll be driving it behind a houseboat rental for a week and I'm sure we'll be using it to figure out where we beach the houseboat for the night and whatnot, aside from the usual driving it and towing a tube. I...
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    California Will Start Testing for ECU Tunes During Smog Checks Starting Next Week

    ... hopefully my neighbors don't secretly hate me and do this to me. I have my RV, truck, and Vette all registered the Montana LLC way, however I mainly did this for the permanent tags (anything 11+ years old) and because of the headers on the Z06. All three vehicles were paid off and had...
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    What do you use for flags / whips?

    Still have my incandescent stern light from 2003 in my boat. I was wondering what y'all use on your boats as far as mounting flags, whether it be on a bimini pole, something that goes into the light receptacle, or clips onto the light pole itself. Also wondering where I might find the LED whips...
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    Could not be more proud.!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 America..!!!

    I remember getting my EGA. Tell her I said Semper Fi 🇺🇲👍 What will her MOS be?
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    Switch to Rev4 from B1 prop?

    Someone else with a Lavey 26 and 496 HO mentioned cruising at 50 mph and 4000-4200 RPM. Same RPM's would have me at 40-45. Same 24P Bravo 1 prop, but with mine being repaired at some point. Mine isn't an HO but I figured that wouldn't make a difference given the same 1.50 drive ratio.
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    Switch to Rev4 from B1 prop?

    Now that you mention it I do get some porpoise with my tabs up when the water is glass.
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    Switch to Rev4 from B1 prop?

    Considering going from a 24P Bravo 1 prop to a 23P Rev4 in my 496 powered Lavey NuEra 26. I started a thread a while back concerned about my unusually high slip numbers and lower speeds, even compared to boats with an identical setup, and since then learned that my prop was damaged and repaired...
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    [WTB] Rev4 23P

    As stated, looking for a RH 23" pitch Revolution 4 prop. Wanting lower RPM's at cruise.
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    Smog for diesel around upland

    Anything I own that requires a "special" smog gets registered in Montana under an LLC as a "company vehicle" 😂 I also live in Upland. Permanent tags once it's 11 years old.
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    Need a new place to stay with waterfront RV parking.

    I've stayed the last 13 years at Black Meadow Landing. I won't get into why, but I no longer want to. So I need a new spot that I can park my coach on or near the water with 50 amps, and also keep my boat beached or anchored right by the RV. A nice RV park with nice, new facilities. Something...
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    Removable wind deflectors?

    I've been tossing around the idea of putting some Finney's type wind deflectors on the boat, but I'm not in love with the idea of them being permanently affixed. I have seen some photos where you can pop them in and out, with pins installed into the deck rather than the bars themselves? Anyone...
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    Netflix Series???

    Babylon Berlin. Lesser known, but very good. Definitely better in original German audio with subtitles.
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    Found out my boat was converted...

    And here's now. I did always find it odd that it didn't have bow rails or any kind of grab handles, nor does it have a sliding door at the front of the cuddy like the rear does.