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    Insurance ?

    Do any of the insurance companies on here insure flat bottoms ?
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    DCM/Howard 21' Cruiser

    Heard you guys were building a 21' DCM/Howard. Any progress, pictures, etc. you can share ?
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    Enduro 336 ?

    Did I miss it some how. What happened to all the V-drives in this race?
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    20' Spectra bottom

    Anyone know the exact degree of deadrise of the bottom of the 20' Spectra?
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    Fast 21 V Drive

    Anyone here trying to make a 21' Howard cruiser go fast. Like to hear some details.
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    Performance Boats

    Anyone else having trouble getting on performanceboats.com ?
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    Propeller Question

    Can a 3 blade prop be as fast as a 2 blade on a V-drive cruiser?
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    Schiada madness in PB magazine

    Good job guys, really enjoyed the article, beautiful boat. Couple of questions. You said you were holding it steady at 5800 rpm's and it crept up to 126 mph, damn. Did it run that speed at 5800 rpm? Also can you give any more details on the boat, like V-drive gears, shaft angle, prop type, size...
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    Bottom design ?

    Anybody know how many different bottom designs a 1975 Sanger 19' bubble deck could have had ?
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    Where does everyone get their cav.plate turnbuckles?
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    Cav Plate Redo

    Is there any advantage or disadvantage to making the plates, on my 21' Howard, longer? They are about 10 3/4" off the transom now. Also is there any advantage to losing the 3" gap between the plates? http://www.riverdavesplace.com/gallery/displayimage.php?imageid=4772
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    RTV instead of Gasket

    Has anyone used RTV instead of a gasket when putting a timing cover on a BBC without removing the oil pan ? Will it work ? Trying to change the cam in my car without taking the engine out. I didn't make it real clear, I am talking about between the bottom of the timing cover and the oil pan.
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    What Propeller

    What propellers do you guys with high horsepower/fast cruisers use ? Mfg./# blades/size?
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    Rocker Arm Geometry ?

    I am having a hard time figuring out the geometry/pushrod length for the exhaust side on my BBC with Canfield heads. Some say you need to have the line through the center of the roller tip and trunnion perpendicular to the valve stem at half lift to get the narrowest contact on the valve stem...
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    Oil Pan Sealing ?

    Whats the preferred way to seal a 1 pc. oil pan gasket on a BBC ?
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    Dart Sportsman Big M limits?

    What would be the HP/RPM limits for a blown 540/555 ci engine using a Dart Sportsman block with ductile iron main caps ?