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  1. doc_texoma

    Happy Monday - WTB A boat....

    Welp I've finally put a few pennies together and am looking to buy something to float on this summer. There are several Chris Craft Capers available right now but they are all in the NE, and I am in Dallas. I'm not going to pay $1500 to ship a $4k boat.. Fail. So my budget is $4k or so.. Could...
  2. doc_texoma

    1981 Daytona 23.5?

    Greetings.. A member did a restore/mod of a Daytona 23.5 and I really fell in love with the way the boat looked originally. I was hoping that maybe due to the age I could find one neglected and cheap to work on slowly - but no such luck. Worse than that, I cannot find any boats at ALL by...
  3. doc_texoma

    WTB: Chris Craft Caper.

    With our without power... Ready to buy. Will need to ship to Dallas but I have a shipper (uship) available to make it happen... Thanks! Mark
  4. doc_texoma

    Can anyone ID this boat?

    So this boat is listed as a "1980 Centurion Tsunami 30".. All well and good - but if I go to NADA.com and go through all of the years, I am not seeing any Tsunami.... This is a 30ft single engine boat and is something like I would sort of like to have.... Anyone know if maybe Centurion sold...
  5. doc_texoma

    Total Craigslist FAIL!

  6. doc_texoma


    Hey Mandelon.... Tell me about the GIF in your autosig... Obviously she's hot - but what is that from??
  7. doc_texoma

    Lost a Friend Friday night...

    She had just celebrated her birthday Monday and went to Brownsville to hang out with her mom.. I get word saturday afternoon that she had passed "quickly and painlessly' so I am assuming a heart attack in her sleep. We dated but we realized pretty quick we were better off as friends - and she...
  8. doc_texoma

    North Texas.

    Hey all... I've been part of this site for quite some time though I'm not sure I've ever posted a new memeber hello... I am Doc, real name Mark... I used to run Texoma Party Pirates and now run Covedweller... I post here every now and again - had to put my 15 year old golden retriever...
  9. doc_texoma

    Boat Make/Model ID?

    Can someone tell me what this is? Owner says its a 20' and thinks its around 1987-1988.... Not thinking hydrostream... not thinking checkmate although the windshield reminds me of a checkmate... Possibly a sleekcraft? I just bought a Glastron Carlson CSS/19 that I'm rebuilding - but this guy...
  10. doc_texoma

    Doc_Texoma's Glastron Carlson CSS19 Restore/Build.

    So I posted some questions already about the "350 magnum" that supposedly is in the boat I had planned on buying... I bought it. From what I can see its just a normal "mercruiser alpha 5.7" .. I drove from Dallas to Lake Charles LA in a freaking downpour both ways, hydroplaning, lost a...
  11. doc_texoma

    mercruiser 5.7 compared to 5.7 magnum?

    Greetings... I'm about to buy a Glastron CSS19 (1989) heap that comes with motor and outdrive.. For the money I am 100 percent certain that the block is going to be cracked, rusted out, whatever... But I know its a 5.7 magnum... I know/think after certain years that being a magnum meant it...
  12. doc_texoma

    A Pachnga 19 followed home today after I lost $1k.

    Gonna need lots but did come with motor and outdrive of unknown working status.. Just clicked when I tried to crank it.. Oil smelled, felt and tasted good (or at least not like some motors that have been full of water have felt and tasted in the past to me).. Some floor rot of course but I...
  13. doc_texoma

    Anyone near Payson AZ who would look at a boat for me?

    ???? Just to see if the transom is junk or not and possibly hear a motor run and or check compression?
  14. doc_texoma

    What boat is this - or is it just a photoshop/model?

    I have no affiliation with the company advertised in this ad - I am simply wanting to know if this is a real boat and if so does anyone know what it is? CRAP! Its an animated GIF I guess and its only showing part of the animation.. MODS PLEASE DELETE -
  15. doc_texoma


    I've been a lake boater for quite some time in the North Texas area but I've been trolling some of the west coast forums and I recently have stumbled across the "whaler" type boat - NOT a boston whaler - but the center console low profile performance type of whaler. Long story short - I want...