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    price drop. 91 ozark royale deckboat

    yes. at riverland resort in parker.. (actually in Earp. Calfornia side of river) pat 310 991 6478
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    pontoon? / deckboat?

    trim pump repaired. engine fires right up. Price dropped to 8000.00
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    price drop. 91 ozark royale deckboat

    trim pump issue resolved. we pulled from storage and she fired right back up. ready for a new home. price dropped to 8000.00
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    [SOLD] Truck Camper for Long Bed

    understood. this was one of those deals that just popped up and at the time I just said "why not" and a month later, I haven't even moved it. turned battery switch back to on and the (added) alarm is beeping. hit every button on the key fob without success and decided right then i can wait a...
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    [SOLD] Truck Camper for Long Bed

    I recently bought this truck and camper. (so busy, I haven't even moved it from next door) both need a little love. I had/have plans for the truck. still on the fence about keeping it. it has a bunch of new parts( brakes and stuff) but wasnt finished and I need to see what needs to to make it...
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    ATC 185 AND 185S

    Picked these up a few months ago. I just decided they are too far down my list if things I really need to get to. both turn over. have papers. beyond that I don't know a lot. $600 for the pair? pat near Parker
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    I am around my shop most of the time. 7days. working on a couple presses that I need to finish. I will pm you my number. thanks, pat
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    sure do. what do you need? pat. will pm you my number.
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    Flatty on the rocks?

    GN30 did that a dozen years ago while racing in Burley. steering sprocket slipped down the shaft and lost engagement with the key. now a safety collar above and below, just to be sure. crazy deal is the island that the boat is parked on is almost entirely silt. 4 or 5 rescue boats and 1 dozen...
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    Burley circle races

    Glad to hear your coming! We will be crewing for Heath GN369,GN18 and GN82,former GN27. With three boats Im sure we will busy! See you there. Hell Ya! Nice to see a good boat count coming out for the GN's! GN 30 ready to rumble.
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    pontoon? / deckboat?

    thank you. I corrected the text .
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    pontoon? / deckboat?

    help me out here. please explain. when I replaced the impeller, the regular cobra impeller was smaller and the correct one was for the bigger drive. if I missed something, please let me know. pat
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    pontoon? / deckboat?

    wasn't sure where this one fits https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/91-ozark-royale-deckboat.237555/
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    price drop. 91 ozark royale deckboat

    Helping a friend out to sell his 1991 Ozark 24ft deckboat. It has the fiberglass sides which I think makes it the "deluxe" (vs. aluminum, pontoon style cockpit surround). Power and drive is 7.4 carb'd bbc and an OMC king cobra drive. Last fall I pulled it from storage, did a new raw water...
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    Another very informative book on water rights, collection, conservation and recycling is "Let there be water". An easy read that covers Isreal's (a desert) struggles and solutions managing the water. It hits on drip irrigation, pumping treated water out to farming areas and bringing the...
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    Oldie but a goodie!!!

    https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/why-rivermobster-wont-let-us-have-anymore-pets.78448/post-1143652 try this oldie but goody.
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    12 Inch Atlas Lathe

    if any of you guys need parts or want a project, I have one sitting here in big river. Motor and gears all look to be there and intact.. it is missing the carriage and some gear change knobs n stuff. you may find these on ebay. PM me if you want it. I can load it. pat
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    Electronic supplies in Havasu?

    orange wire, black wire but no orange and black. 16 GA control wire but I am in big river if you can't find what you need in havasu.
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    Earn extra money driving my own boat!?

    I wonder if the UBER/LIFT business model working the water on the Parker strip would be doable . How do they qualify the driver of the car on land? (for hire as well)
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    CHP rookie was not happy today

    no solenoid... looks like an automotive ignition coil with a galvanized fence post cap holding the blue wires in. the OEM coils used oil for insulation on the transformer.the