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  1. PlanB

    New Can-Am's

    Just released video of their 2022 lineup. X3 Turbo RR gets 200 hp (up from 195 hp), new clutch, reinforced frame, new lower A-arms, different tires and some other smaller stuff. Edit: Walk around of the new X3.
  2. PlanB

    Shock Therapy

    Just called to book an appointment to get the shocks done and a steering rack. They are booked through mid September. Got an appointment in early October, but booked all the way to September is crazy. Going to be a busy season coming up of this economy holds...
  3. PlanB

    Channel Mooring Enforcement

    This just popped up in FB: The Lake Havasu City Police Department will be towing vessels moored overnight in the Bridgewater Channel and City Parks pursuant to the city code 8.16.130. There is no mooring in the Bridgewater Channel or City Parks between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. except upon...
  4. PlanB

    BLM nominate for Nobel Peace Prize

    Not that it means much since Obama got it for nothing, but this makes the award more of a joke: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/29/black-lives-matter-nobel-peace-prize-petter-eide-norweigan-mp The Black Lives Matter movement has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel peace prize for the...
  5. PlanB

    Masks on BLM land?

    Biden signed an executive order yesterday mandating the wearing of masks on all federal property. I would assume this applies to BLM off road areas and beaches around Havasu?
  6. PlanB

    America Last

    Pedo's first day in office: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/biden-president-executive-actions-covid-19-climate-change-immigration/ Back to the Obama years. Better hang on tight...
  7. PlanB

    Nice weather today for a drive

    Sunny and about 70 near the coast. Good day to burn some fuel. Happy New Year!
  8. PlanB

    Next level rack storage

    Coming soon to Havasu? 😆
  9. PlanB

    Biden boat parade

    This retard is trying to organize one in Havasu...
  10. PlanB

    Biden getting ready to speak live.

    Is it not a little early for either candidate to make any remarks?
  11. PlanB

    No more off roading on the island?

    Reading on the Havasu community page that LE is enforcing a 5 MPH speed limit on the island trails with no off road vehicles allowed. With the amount of people ripping around out there, and the new housing being built, I saw this coming. The island is under a constant dirt cloud and I am betting...
  12. PlanB

    Shut your water off before you leave your house

    We have always done this with our house in Havasu to avoid water damage in case of a broken pipe or some other waterline in the house. Well, we were in Havasu for 12 days and came back to a broken irrigation pipe outside our California house. 110,000 gallons of water used in that 12 day period...
  13. PlanB

    No Mooring in the channel after 11:00 pm

    Was down in the channel last night at 11:30 playing with our dogs. Cop rolls down and said someone called saying there were boats in the channel. Cop was really cool, said he did not see the problem, but obviously someone did and called them. No music going. We were at the very end of the...
  14. PlanB

    New X3 Max RR registration

    I am reading on another forum that the RR's are coming it at 1800 pounds (the 19 R's are 1780#) , and can't be registered the same as a typical UTV. Supposedly you have to register them as a primarly on road vehicle, which means you have to pay registration the same as a new car. One person said...
  15. PlanB

    Wind Advisory

    Small craft warning today for Havasu, Mead and Mojave’s. 1100-2300. Winds 20-30 with gust to 40. Just popped up on my phone. FYI...
  16. PlanB

    24 Hour Fitness closing locations

    I am hearing this from a longtime employee. Four in North San Diego County. Someone on here had a connection to 24, just wondering if this is true.
  17. PlanB

    Baller Toon

    Being rigged at Sun Country. 30’ x 10’ on custom Adrenaline. Craziest toon I have seen yet (cost wise).
  18. PlanB

    Judge overturns California ammo law

    Some good news. Stock up in case a stay is placed... https://fox5sandiego.com/news/california-news/judge-tosses-calif-ammunition-purchase-law/?fbclid=IwAR2q9dIDOHPzWlyu6e9SnBF3ZHhwriptEZ2thN-oQOu2I_dBRcGCEOQ3SBQ SAN DIEGO (AP) — A federal judge on Thursday blocked a California law requiring...
  19. PlanB

    Mercury producing masks

    Pretty cool... https://www.powerboatnation.com/brunswick-lends-muscle-to-combat-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR215Oj_ItIfz_zx7wwUij1Jkw4_7PyQIlmKKN-SBi36AATElZyyLkuSpEc