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    Guisti’s fire

    such a bummer:(
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    The Outboard Church

    surfing anyone??this is my best fishing buds 150lb tuna on a trip out of sandiego two weeks ago..Taxman has too eat also
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    New Old River Runner w/ a Blender:)

    don't raise with those OEM water intakes,suprised you get H20 pressure at that height...
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    Food Vacuum Sealer Bags

    YES sir,5mm bags are available but pricey
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    Food Vacuum Sealer Bags

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    So my daughter's Jeep has the dreaded Pentastar 3.6 tapping - Anybody Else?

    had a Dodge Pentastar V6 here at work start a misfire at 40k miles.no noise,but was lash adjusters collapsing (common prob with these engines)they replaced under warrantee.seems these lifters are real sensitive to oil viscosity and change intervals..
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    1993 21’ Eliminator Daytona

    the hose/vent will terminate at shifter/throttle cables (right befor they go into cowling)..NO smell to interior..zip tye and call it good👍
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    Fuel tank vents

    Al stoker was talking about this very subject on facebook "stoker owners page".he said some types of his vented fuel caps were ok for venting and some weren't..
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    1993 21’ Eliminator Daytona

    take one of those chrome vents and instead of drilling hole for it,plumb a hose with some elevation above tank and zip tie it to hose-cluster (fuel,throtle,shift) going to motor that is in open air.might look silly,but functional
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    1993 21’ Eliminator Daytona

    are we talking vent/vapor lines or return lines from fuel pressure regulator?IMO certain fuel caps that are vented DO NOT provide enough venting which causes two problems..one is when fueling with pump nozzles that seal for vapor recovery,it will be trying to spit fuel back at you..second prob...
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    The Outboard Church

    Euro is a bad ass hotrod!capable of 120+ with strong 2.5 280HP and good setup:cool:
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    1993 21’ Eliminator Daytona

    NEVER run return fuel line to separator!I have seen it done that way cause peeps don't have extra fitting/bung on tank..it introduces air bubbles to main supply line..plumb a fitting to filler-neck hose is ok👍 It gets complicated if you have twin tanks with a return line....that's another reason...
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    1993 21’ Eliminator Daytona

    yes,you need a dedicated vent other then just cap..do you run water separator (cannister type) and tell me the return fuel line doesn't got to it?if you do,i would shitcan that and run return line to tank or possibly to the filler hose neck.get you an inline 100 micron billet filter (type that...
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    nice flat day under GG bridge,then run to Giusti's is a great day!
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    not near city,inland a ways in Delta.Giusti's in Walnut Grove.popular spot for boaters even though it is a dive
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    1993 21’ Eliminator Daytona

    best of luck..only way that carrier nut can back out is 1. bendable locking tab/retainer failed or wasn't properly bent/locked in place 2.someone left TINY square stock/keyway out 3.machined area for keyway on case stripped torque on spanner/carrier nut is 250lbs or tight as you can get it with...
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    RIGHT..work at calif dept corrections and thought we were first to get Moderna Dec 2020..just sore shoulder for me
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    32 is a lot for helping planning times,but they seem to cavitate a lot also.Its a catch-22,less pitch would be good for holeshot,but would be on rev limiters and struggle to hit triple digits..
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    Outboard battery setup

    the antigravity are bad ass and they will put a hurting on your wallet..the Odyssey 925s are MORE then plenty as far as cranking amps go to crank a pump gas 2.5..You got bad info,just saying.I run a baby PC625 Odyssey on my Drag 2.5 with tight heads (185PSI)cranking compression.And I have the...
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    [WTS] 2018 Jeep Trackhawk - SOLD

    appears to be Las Flores near Mission Vieho