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    Damn increases.......

    Short load up charge ? Still about $115 in Vegas, last i heard
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    So what yure saying is that all the people on here that have stated: I have never seen the river flowing this high, in the 15-50 years I've lived here, every day from early spring up until the day they declared a water emergency are just stupid liars and the government numbers are gospel...
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    Looking for VW off-road wheels and tires.

    I have 2 gold, 1 silver ( all faded, old tire on other gold ) 4 lug , 8 arm star, 15 X 5.5 in Fort Mohave. You pick up. Make offer, if you can use them.
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    Monsoon about to hit north havasu

    Look like they pulled all the plum 'n' line bracing, or 1 of the happy neighbors did. Framed a lot of houses in early 90's Denver area, no plywood shear, a mix of drywall and thermoply (structural cardboard) When I was in the Kansas city area I had a micro burst come through 2 houses I was...
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    Hey Dan!

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    Work f*ckups...whats your biggest

    Went on a boating forum, was going to find stuff out about my boat. . . ..
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    Work f*ckups...whats your biggest

    Late 80's framing a house for 1 of the $35,000 toilet seat aerospace lawyers on the Esplande ,right on the beach w/3'lot lines, in Redondo Beach. Getting late in the day on a Friday, traffic starting to build. Mason working on 1 of the 4 fireplaces needs a load of block on the 2nd floor so they...
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    Quick electrical question on spa connection

    Neutral and ground should be separated at everywhere except at the main panel. Also if you can't see the breaker location from the spa, you need a disconect within sight and at least 6' away from the spa. Let's see how that goes over :p
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    School me on truck shells

    I ordered a century shell in February, I'll let you know on the quality if it ever shows up. Supposedly waiting on the windows I ordered.
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    Garage floor epoxy, with felt spacers

    The "felt" is for garage slab to expand and contract without disrupting the foundation stem walls. Do not caulk or thinset or any other stupid ideas. Your best bet, IMHO, is to just spray paint the top of the expansion filler a color that matches your epoxy. And live with it.
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    Looking for a Pool Re-Plaster in OC

    I have a typical 1990's free form kidney shaped pool. I was just quoted just under 6k for re-plaster/quarts in Vegas if that helps.
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    Go On, Brag a little

    I can attest, over the years I have posted on a stupid wannabe social media platform, 1 day I hope I will be brave enough to start a thread. Not sure if I'm emotionally ready, but I really want to increase my rank.
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    How do you browse?

    Phone, new post. Been that way for a year or so. I'm thinking I miss alot.
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    I've always wondered

    I also drink Coors Light, because it kinda tastes like beer, and the old lady hates when I drink Jameson 12oz at a time.
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    Residential Plumbing Question - detached garage bathroom

    That is a long run for 1/8" per foot, the water will out run the browns. As long as you remember to shower last or give an extra flush every once in a while and before leaving for awhile, it will be fine. Also, yes you need an end of line clean out, behind your last connection, and a 2 way...
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    how much of the colorado river is being dumped into mexico?

    And who exactly is telling us how much water is going out and to where.
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    Then why is the Pacific Ocean higher than the the Atlantic Ocean ?
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    If your not vaccinated, your fired

    Could you please post up said websites, or PM. This is most likely coming to the company I work for, and due to preexisting issues I would be an idiot to get any of the jab's.
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    Electric Code Rant NEC 2017

    As I've always understood it, if romex is run horizontally through the studs it must be protected from something falling or you hanging something on it. Slight stretch of the code, I have heard it in multiple jurisdictions. Some say over 6'8" or some say 7'6" high and no protection needed, also...
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    Are these for sewer or rain control?

    Flood channel. Sewer is typically green plastic or black steel.