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  1. The Prisoner

    Thank you for tow. Windsor boat ramp north!!!

    Thank you for the tow strap tow! Offered some things but declined. Karma works as last week I stopped to give a jump on the way to Bullhead and whoever you are in the giant 4x4 helped me today. Thank you! Was in blue Denali with a faulty drain plug in Yamaha!
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    Introduce your self and get a cold beer

    If you are by cape hattaras
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    Saw a beautiful picture online of where Henri made landfall in Westerly RI. Also my aunt is at the DD I used to go to in Pawtucket RI. Said giant puddles everywhere.
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    Got on the lake. First time this year! Enjoying a beer at the 5 star Rodeway inn. :p Actually the rooms look renovated.
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    Now Bob Dylan….

  6. The Prisoner

    T-mobile hack

    Just great. Found out by accident. They never tell you your shit is compromised. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/t-mobile-is-looking-into-a-hack-of-100-million-customers-data-heres-what-to-do-if-you-think-that-your-data-was-leaked-11629144499
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    Classless Assholes Today

    Boy were you guys right about the channel. As I am not there often and the Raider Nation, as they have been described in here were in full force. I was at the mouth of the channel in the swim area and this boat on the other side were cranking some extremely loud and clear rap music. Every other...
  8. The Prisoner

    Friday the 13th. I quit.

    Was gonna go to Havasu for the first time tomorrow. The lake. Trailer lights working last season. All wires are connected, not frayed. No worky. Figured screw it and went and brought magnetic tow lights til I can figure it out because I was getting overheated trying to diagnose it. Magnetic...
  9. The Prisoner

    Jobs in Bullhead

    After seeing the problems in the car wash thread I was worried about a job I had offered in Bullhead. Got 10 responses and just filled it. Now I will see about Havasu as I have a 3-4 hour a week job available. That one may be harder die to the hours. A nice lady who works at the casino has it...
  10. The Prisoner

    Filibertos. Heart Attack City!

    Finally tried the new one in Kingman. Much bigger chorizo and egg burrito than Humberto but what a greasy mess. I’ll probably have a coronary later. :p
  11. The Prisoner

    Unpaid Rent

    In the words of Henry Hill…. Fuck you, pay me! Just hit national news. https://www.8newsnow.com/news/local-news/police-investigate-double-homicide-near-the-strat/
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    Ace of Spades on Church Bells

    This guy really pounds his keys.
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    Lambda varient?

    Am I late to the party or is this new?? https://www.wbrz.com/news/first-cases-of-covid-lambda-variant-reported-in-north-louisiana/
  16. The Prisoner

    Why our country was founded

  17. The Prisoner

    New Val Kilmer Doc on Amazon

    Debuted yesterday. I just found out about this so haven’t watched yet. Didn’t realize how bad he was health wise. Got great reviews. https://people.com/movies/val-kilmer-kids-give-update-on-his-health-documentary-premiere/
  18. The Prisoner

    Who’s up for a new Munsters movie?

    I love the Munsters. You can never be satisfied unless it’s the original so I hope Zombie does this right. He is putting a shit load of work into it though. https://www.google.com/amp/s/comicbook.com/horror/amp/news/rob-zombies-munsters-reboot-reveals-first-look-at-new-costumes/
  19. The Prisoner

    He smelled like aka- hol!!!