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    More California BS...New Dirt Bike Though

    So thanks to Newscum and his posse, Californians can no longer buy a 2022 and newer motocross bike and ride it in the desert or on Blm land etc. Not many people know about this BS so if your a dirtbike guy pick up a new 2021 if you can find one! Anything newer is not register-able and only...
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    Sig Ballistic Data Exchange Scope and Rangefinder Combo

    Ok I have a Sig Scope and Rangefinder Combo for sale. Scope is currently mounted to one of my rifles but has never been used. If you’re interested please take some time to read up on this combo. I have not used this scope, it’s never left the house. Here’s a brief rundown of how this setup...
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    2001 Nissan Pathfinder 4X4

    I hate to do it but I’m trying to sell my extra vehicle. It has been extremely reliable and I enjoy driving it around. Moving soon and would rather not deal with it. I bought it 4 years ago and have used it for commuting and running errands around town mainly. I’ve done a lot of work to it and...
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    Ahhh please delete posted in wrong thread
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    This looks fun mini jet ski boat

    Never seen one of these. Just needs a little wake board tower and a six pack rack lol https://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/boa/d/sun-city-jet-cat/6915895930.html
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    [WTS] 2013 BMW 335IS

    2013 335IS 59k miles on car always dealer maintained. Not a daily driver and always stored indoors. N54 twin turbo motor with auto 7spd DCT trans. Tial blow off valve and aluminum charge pipe. This is not a very common car only 36k made between 2011-13. Very fast and fun. 19” factory wheels...
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    Stolen KTM Riverbreeze RV Resort

    My buddy is staying at the Riverview RV Resort on the river in Ehrenberg Az. Woke up this morning and someone had cut his cable and the bike is gone. If anyone happens to see this bike please report it. And Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Ok Need Some Advice From The RDP People! (Crazy Girlfriend)

    Alright I am in a lousy situation and could use some Legal advice please! Long Read A year ago I met a woman who I thought was "The One". Appeared to be squared away she is beautiful good job etc. and has a 4 year old son. We've been together since and things went pretty good. We decided...
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    River Story

    I guess I'll break the cherry in here. So a few years back I met a good looking blonde and we start talking. I came up with the idea, hey lets go out to the river Sunday, I'll call in sick on Monday well stay the night since she was off those days. She agreed and has never been. She stayed...
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    Isis Advanced Combat Techniques Video!

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    Reverend Does Poilice UOF Scenarios

    PHOENIX ? A Phoenix-area man known for his outspoken stance against law enforcement accepted an invitation from Maricopa County Sheriff?s Office to undergo shoot-no-shoot simulation training to better understand the stresses and split-second decisions officers are faced with Not to start...
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    Camping And Off Roading In Bishop CA Info please!

    A friend of mine and I have decided to take a trip up to Bishop later this month to camp at Browns Millpond Campground. We both ride dirt bikes and I had some questions if anyone has been there and can help me. My friend has a street legal KTM dirt bike and I have a 2014 YZ450f dirt bike...
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    Gymnast pretty amazing! Im a new fan haha

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    Would You Take Her To The Lake?

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    This seems safe and legal!

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    2001 Yamaha WR250f

    I have an 01 Yamaha WR250 Enduro/Desert bike for sale that Ive been storing for a co worker for the last 3 years. I just purchased it from him and cleaned it up a bit. I took it in to motoworld and had them clean the carb out and replace the gaskets. Its a kick start model and as far as I...
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    Anyone Ever See These? Craigslist Find

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    2011 KX450F Almost New!

    Just bought this bike in november. Its been ridden out in the desert about 4 times and easily has under 5 hours on it. I purchased the Kawasaki warranty also. Works connection radiator guards and handguards. Immaculate has never fallen over or been crashed :bowdown: Dont need or want to...
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    2007 Honda TRX450 Qaud

    This Qaud Is Clean. My Sister Bought It Brand New And Used It Maybe 3 Times In The Last 5 Years. I Bought It Off Of Her A Few Months Back Thinking My Lady Might Like Riding It But Thats Not The Case. It Has Under 10 Hours On It Easily. I Put A Big Gun Silencer On It, New Battery, Pro Taper...
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    2008 CRF150R

    Bought This Thing Brand New. Its Never Seen The Dirt. Its Been Around The Block Once Or Twice Maybe 20 Mins Of Run Time On It. Its Basically Brand New. Works Connection Skid Plate, Radiator Guards And Tag Handlebars Bars. I Bought It Planning To Use As A Play Bike Around The House But Its Too...