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    Hey L.A.M. new to me RZR

    I have been a guy that always buys projects and dumps money into them to make them new again. Houses, cars, boats etc. I bought a RZR that needed some TLC but the more I priced it out the more it made sense to buy one some else dumped money into and babied. Once I was about to start my RZR build...
  2. WTR&PWR

    Would 2020 cage fit my 2015 RZR?

    RZR novice here. Would a 2020 xp4 cage fit on my 2015 xp4?
  3. WTR&PWR

    2015 RZR 1000 4 seater non turbo

    Picked it up recently for our place at the river but planning to get a jeep instead so I can launch the boat. Haven’t even taken it out. Could use a little TLC just don’t have time to mess with it. $XX,XXX FIRM FIRM FIRM for an RDPer. 900 miles on it. Clean title. Pink slip in hand. Runs great...
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    Life threatening flash floods

    Just saw life threatening flash floods banner on the weather channel from needles to Vidal junction. How bad is it guys?
  5. WTR&PWR

    What props on your bravo 3?

    I have an eliminator eagle 230 with 350 and bravo 3. Boat has dual 3 blade 22P props. I’m guessing this was mostly because they used it as a ski boat. Great out of the hole but lacking on the top end. Anyone else with a bravo 3 drive and what are you running? Also, what kind of boat do you have...
  6. WTR&PWR

    Tell me about ultra shadows

    I love the look of the ultra shadows. I remember hearing about the Delaminating problem with some. Is there anyway to know which ones had issues? Possibly what year ranges to avoid? Any other good Info on them would be appreciated. Specifically talking about the 27’
  7. WTR&PWR

    Can I register my cars and toys in AZ???

    Just bought a place (finally) at havasu springs. I wanted to register my dually, RZR and the wife’s car in AZ. We are CA residents can I do this with simply getting AZ IDs now that we have an address? Just want to avoid claiming AZ as my primary residence and screwing myself with taxes or...
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    Laveycraft quality

    I have a buddy that went by a fiberglass shop for some repairs on his boat. He said the owner was telling him in his 30 years he has been the most impressed with the quality of lavey craft. He said they are built like tanks and more impressed with them than any other west coast boat. Is this a...
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    What item did you sell too damn cheap!?

    Given today’s state of hyperinflation and skyrocketing home, vehicle, and toy prices, I thought it’d be fun to see what items y’all sold too damn cheap!!! Mine was our 2001 caliber 1 with 454 and bravo 1. Low hour great boat I sold for 17k in 2017. Probably worth 35k nowadays. Even worse was the...
  10. WTR&PWR

    Eliminator whaler price???

    https://mohave.craigslist.org/boa/d/tustin-eliminator-whaler/7311213009.html I have been amazed the last 12 months at rising boat prices but this one?. This is coming from an eliminator owner as well.
  11. WTR&PWR

    WTB Havasu springs mobile home

    My wife and I have been looking for a place at the springs for a little while now. We have two little girls (5 and 3 years old) and have been leaving our fifth wheel at the springs during the summers. We are ready for a family home and have put ourselves in position to buy one. ANY heads up on...
  12. WTR&PWR

    “Model home on your flat lot”

    I’ve been seeing a lot of offers for builders in LHC that show standard houses being able to be built in the 300-350k range on a flat lot. These are 1800 sq ft 3/2 houses with open floor plans. Usually 2 car garage with tandem boat deep side. Mostly on Zillow. Has anyone had any success doing...
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    Federal heavy vehicle use tax

    Need some help. I bought a 2015 dually private party this year and paid to renew my registration this month. I received a letter from the CA DMV that I haven’t paid the gross vehicle weight declaration fee which is a federal fee from the IRS for combined vehicles capable of towing over 55,000...
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    Glad to find more like me.

    Hi everyone. I’ve known about RDP for awhile but happy to find a social media platform that consistently talks about things I care about. I’m a family man from so cal and we have a 5th wheel we leave at Havasu springs during the summer. Grew up going to Parker but the water has got too busy for...