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    Bahner 21 vdrive.

    I thought the rudder was backwards also. I have a 21 Howard and I have done a lot of work with the strut. Changed it to 7.5 deg. and moved it forward so the back of the barrel is 24" from the transom. This helped the high speed handling a lot, even over 100 mph. That also puts the V drive...
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    V drive torque brace

    What hull is this? and you definitely need to attend to the rigging, strut location and angle if you are going that fast. I run a 7.5 deg strut in my 21 Howard and the V drive is much further foward than yours.
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    Rudder Issue

    Shouldn't be to hard to figure out what happened if its on the trailer. Turn the rudder blade by hand and see where its broken.
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    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    Freaken unbelievable work, you should be proud.
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    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    Thats some really nice stuff there.
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    DCM/Howard 21' Cruiser

    A V drive would be nice.
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    DCM/Howard 21' Cruiser

    Thanks . its beautiful.
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    DCM/Howard 21' Cruiser

    Still no new information/pics on these boats ?
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    Vector v-Drive build. ( Goliath H20 )

    What type steering system are you using ?
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    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    This is amazing, Good job by everyone.
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    Questions about a 21 Howard V drive

    I had a 1974 and it had 2 stringers that went forward well under the deck. It was a much heavier layup than the 1983 that I currently have. I found them to be very good boats and have had the 1983 since it was new.
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    21 Rayson crafts new life

    Damn nice looking boat, whats the engine combination , gears, etc ?
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    Schiada/Howard 19

    Those are some nice looking boats. Howard once told me he trusted this hull more than any he built.
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    Chiny Chit

    The RED 19' is beautiful.
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    DCM/Howard 21' Cruiser

    Thats beautiful, anybody ever hear anything about the performance on it?
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    DCM/Howard 21' Cruiser

    Anything new going on with these boats ?
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    Howard GN 20'

    Yes styling is pretty much the same, but it was made to fit the 20'. That yellow and white one belonged to a friend of mine here in Virginia, he bought it new from Howard. I got the 21', good times.
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    21 Rayson crafts new life

    Nice work, does anyone have the mold for these boats ?
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    Howard GN 20'

    She looks good Dan. That is not a 21' deck, it was made for the 20'.