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  1. East Wood

    Henderson RV Park

    12 year old son has a baseball tourney in Henderson in October and we are considering taking the trailer instead of doing the hotel thing. Any recommendations on rv parks ?
  2. East Wood

    Thoughts on 1992 Nordic Scandia?

    Looking for opinions from the brain trust. Still searching for our first boat.... https://semperspeedandmarine.com/Power-Boats-Inboard-Nordic-Boats-25-Scandia-1992-Madera-CA-d316e92b-5716-4e95-9e67-aabe0182fc44
  3. East Wood

    London Bridge Webcam

    If any of you are stuck at work like me today is prime time viewing on the London Bridge webcam. At least for now....
  4. East Wood

    2020 Ram Diesel Delete questions

    Ok, total novice here. If I delete in california, do i literally have to put everything back every 2 years for smog? just doesnt seem worth it to me... what does the majority think? seems like a hassle, just curious what you all thought. live in central california.
  5. East Wood

    Hot Shots Diesel Treatment

    Anyone ever use this stuff? Pros? Cons? Waste of Money? I just barely found out about it and figured id ask. Apparently you squirt a bit in every time you fill up.
  6. East Wood

    My 4 year old made Costco mask policy more enjoyable....

    Weekly Costco trip on Friday night while mama's at work. Forgot the little ones mask at home......so she made the best of it with daddy's "face shield". Funny thing is, I got a mixture of scowls for not properly protecting her to others with chuckles and thumbs up. figured you all needed a...
  7. East Wood

    Another Rookie...

    I suppose this is my new guy speech. I am no boat expert, but with as much time as I have spent on this site in the last few months I definitely know more than i did before learning about this place. It’s a running joke with the old lady now when my laptop is out. Its either on RDP or fox news...