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    2005 24' Hamlet Enclosed Custom Car Hauler 10,500 GVWR

    Entry is 88" wide, no fuel or water storage. Edited post.
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    2005 24' Hamlet Enclosed Custom Car Hauler 10,500 GVWR

    Finished inside, 21' 2" to cabinet at front of trailer which could be removed. Winch inside front cabinet to pull vehicle in or to control roll out. Winch in ceiling to lower/raise ramp, ramp is solid and heavy. 78" inside height minus ceiling lights, 88" entry opening, 95' inside width minus...
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    On Bring a Trailer.

    Dude had good taste.
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    4 seat speed UTV

    AZ West has almost nothing on the lot
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    The Refuge

    I used to work with a gal and her and her husband bought and built early on in there. I heard all about the suits regarding the modification of the course for the RV park and other issues. I haven’t talked to her since she retired but for the long time residents living in there it’s been a long...
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    Of boating interest.... Evinrude used that closed off portion of Havasu for motor and speed testing. And they were super polite to Grandpa. Gave him free motors for his fishing boat invited him to parties and dinners they hosted in the area throughout the sixties and early seventies. I got to...
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    Need opinions on a two post lift? Quickly please.

    I’d want 9,000 lb capacity
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    Where in Havasu do they sell 100 octane unleaded?

    I have never seen 100UL at a pump in Havasu, I usually go to the airport for 100LL or Tri M if I just need five gal.
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    We will find you and we will eliminate you…….

    I don’t have a deposit on a car but think it will be hilarious if he refunds a few deposits to the crybaby bitches and says see yuh, then watch the crying really start.
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    Quick Question - Honda parts - ACDelco, Duralast or Bosch - Preference?

    Get OEM parts, your "free" labor replacing shit parts repeatedly is what sucks.
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    Well, it's my turn......

    I started feeling bad 8/14 and the next week had mild flu/cold symptoms and fatigue was the worst part. Tested positive 8/23 and today is the first day I feel almost normal. Thought the loss of taste/smell thing was overblown but it was 100% gone for me, actually tasted/felt the burn of the...
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    Rice road dumb ass

    Oh no, not this guy again!
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    Fk the covid vaccine

    Thank you.
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    Fk the covid vaccine

    What is involved with this test and where did you get it done?
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    Attitude Toy Haulers

    I bought a new Attitude 28SAG (32 ft.) 5th wheel in 2019 from a dealer in CO. and had it delivered to AZ. sight unseen (I know, stupid lol). Had dealer (Holiday RV South) send detailed pics but he conveniently shot around the scratches in the "upgraded'" cabinet doors they ordered and installed...
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    Dry rivers and lakes are upon us.

    No problem, I wasn’t trying to discredit your post and the following is not directed at you. Every acre foot of water that is stored and then released (CFS) through the dams is documented and published and available for anyone to see. There are no secret deals for large water flows in the dark...
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    Dry rivers and lakes are upon us.

    where are the pumps on Mohave?
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    Friday the 13th. I quit.

    A DVM will take hours off your diagnosis time, start at the trailer plug on the tow vehicle.