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    Stimulus Checks, My kids got them (4yo & 6yo)?!

    So background, I am on disability while finishing cancer treatment. This past year, after six months, I had to file with Social Security Disability. Along with mine, each of my dependent kids get a small monthly check as well. Don’t ask me how, I don’t understand this stuff - the the social...
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    ProMariner on-board charger failed, What the hell!

    ProMariner ProSport 12, 2 bank charger, good batteries (before it failed) I haven’t had any issues since install in Dec 2018. My marine mechanic came over to go through the carbs (Merc 115 outboard), and the batteries were all 1-2 volts. Last time I checked anything was this past fall...
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    Tell me about GRADS

    I’ve been here for a year or so. He seems to have been banned and reinstated, maybe multiple times. Though anything I’ve read over the past year seems to be the inmates riding him and his reputation more than anything. Honestly, He seems to be a pretty good sport about being RDP’s punching...
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    Getting serious: Cancer, So a year ago today

    I received a stem cell transplant at City of Hope in an attempt to treat Acute Myeloid Leukemia. My donor was my brother, who thankfully was a match. The first year has been hard, but nothing as bad as the chemo and radiation leading up to the transplant. Next week I will have my one year bone...
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    AMP Powersteps, who to buy through, Inland Empire

    I want to add a set of powered AMP steps to my 2006 Doge Ram 2500 quad cab. I’m in Inland Empire, Upland to be exact. Any suggestions on a local shop? Want to buy and have installed.
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    Mortgage Refi recommendation, Texas, Rental

    Lots of talk on here about who’s who in the mortgage industry, anybody licensed in Texas? Referral? We live in So Cal. Home is in Richland Hills, just outside Dallas. Feel free to PM me direct 👍
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    School me on SXSs, what should I be looking for

    Here’s the deal, My family is young and I’m interested in finding a used 4 seat SXS. If I wanted to spend around 10+k is there an older SXS out there I should be l looking for, or conversely staying away from? I won’t finance toys, but should I be looking to spend more? Not looking trying to...
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    Big corp greed stifles mom and pop businesses

    My uncle and family had long owned a small amusement park on the northern east coast. With COVID and the shutdown you can imagine this was not a good business situation without access to deep pockets. Even before the pandemic, large corporate buyers had long tried forcing them to sell. They...
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    Dakar 2021, just weeks away

    Any Dakar fans here? I have been watching for years. I was ok when it moved to South America. Can’t say I’m fond of it in Saudi Arabia. Either way, Can Ricky Brabec do it again for us this year?
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    Probably not a popular opinion around here, but here it is 😃😃
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    Lurker, new here

    Hey folks, Been an off and on lurker for the past few years, finally created an actual user account! Truth be told, I’m at City of Hope being treated for cancer and have a lot of extra time on my hands! We have an older Godfrey pontoon, 24ft Sweetwater, Merc 115 2 stroke outboard. First and...