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    ATC 185 AND 185S

    Picked these up a few months ago. I just decided they are too far down my list if things I really need to get to. both turn over. have papers. beyond that I don't know a lot. $600 for the pair? pat near Parker
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    pontoon? / deckboat?

    wasn't sure where this one fits https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/91-ozark-royale-deckboat.237555/
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    price drop. 91 ozark royale deckboat

    Helping a friend out to sell his 1991 Ozark 24ft deckboat. It has the fiberglass sides which I think makes it the "deluxe" (vs. aluminum, pontoon style cockpit surround). Power and drive is 7.4 carb'd bbc and an OMC king cobra drive. Last fall I pulled it from storage, did a new raw water...
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    Parker .9 hr enduro????

    sitting on a boring zoom call and my mind is wandering back to "the good old days". Hear me out and please jump in. In conjuction with the parker 300 in october, how about something in the vein of the 24 hrs of lemons car deal. old, either original, restored, recreated boats or just...
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    Any metallurgists aboard this ship?

    I have a question or two about using abrasive resistant plate (ar400-ar500) in a "Bend box" to maintain the straightness of astm 500 square steel tubing while bending. Surface to surface speed would be minimal. There will be SOME side loading. Dies will add a depression in the side of the tube...
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    cheating? fraud? morals?

    Using the Boston marathon as an analogy to the 2020 election, let me throw something out there. Let's say I finished the marathon 3 minutes ahead of the guy finishing behind me. He claims I cheated by cutting the course and shaved a half mile off the total distance. If my average time per...
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    any one do machine control projects?

    I am rebuilding and tooling a couple bigger hydraulic presses for a specific job/process. The mechanicals are pretty much buttoned up but......... my help that was to layout, spec and wire the control aspect is not working out like I had hoped. Anyone in this vast black hole of knowledge do this...
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    brass nuts

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    aa/fueler found

    I tripped over this on you tube and know some gearheads will enjoy. enjoy
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    Flow Bench

    while buying some "stuff" I needed (wanted,lol), I was enticed(forced) to buy the whole lot of equipment......so now a few of the xtras need to go. first is a flow bench used to test carbs. I imagine a little rework and heads or throttle bodies could adapt. It does have a 4bbl adapter with...
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    mike kuhl passed

    we lost another great a couple weeks ago. Mike Kuhl, engine builder and long time river rat left us on June 23rd. Mike was the force behind the "river rat" timing covers and water pumps that the v-drive guys all recognize. A short biography from the NHRA site is here...
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    bridgeport "cherrying head"

    anybody ever used one. other than carving a radius on a mold or I suppose you might cut a woodruff style keyway from the top rather than the side. what other uses for this attachment? ( you know...for boat parts.....keeping it relevant over here) pat BTW a friend called and asked if I wanted...
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    Thought maybe some more experienced or adventurist types may have a need for a steam oven I posted for sale in "everything else" OR convince me why I should keep and use it. I'm all ears and willing to learn new tricks.🤓
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    I have a never used or installed Miele steam oven , model 6500. Website says it can cook meat, fish, veggies all at same time in separate trays. Can also disinfect baby bottles, canning jars etc. Sous-vide cooking. Soft or hard boil eggs. Make yogurt. Blanch fruits n vegetables for freezing...
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    Rectangular port GM dual plane manifold . No cracks. No stripped threads. Center divider unmodified. No corrosion. Was gasket matched at some point. $125.00
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    old school Pepsi bottle dispenser. IDEAL model 55 slider. 10 cent coin mechanism. real complete. Plug it in, it gets cold. needs some love, I am tapped out. All parts can be found at sodajerkworks dot com. $150 bucks and something it will fit in or on and it is yours.
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    Snap on digital torque wrenches

    I have 8 Snap-on tech series torque wrenches . this style uses a snap in wrench head instead of the more familiar square drive ratchet. inserts are available in open end, closed end, semi open(tubing or flare nut) styles as well as fixed square and ratcheting ends. they are great for torquing...
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    Anyone looking to build a bike, s x s, smaller utility trailer. I Have a bunch of axles leftover from earlier projects. Axle 1 GDC, UFP, Dexter torsion axles. 3500 lb rated , approx 42.5" mounting ctr to ctr, 62" drum face to drum face (hydraulic drum brakes, MAY have some electric) 5 on 4.5...
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    C-119 flying boxcar wing

    I bought this wing from a real C-119 "flying boxcar" (i think nameplate said 1953 mfg) a few years back. Had plans to re-polish or paint it military green, Add some pin-up style bomber art, some LED can lights and mount to the ceiling of the man cave. Like many projects, It never happened. My...
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    Any customs brokers on board?

    I 've painted myself into a corner and could use a little advise and/or service. Port of Los Angeles and Agricultural Products from India ( mechanical, if it matters). The lack of an ISF and a shipment due in days is the issue. Please Post contact info or PM me here. Thank You Pat I've seen...