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  1. RichL

    Who wants a great dog?

  2. RichL

    La Verne Cool Cruise and Rotolo Chevrolet Car pics. 9/11/2021

    Love me some old 3 window Fords...and the black 41 Willys, if you take away the blower it looks just like one a buddy owned in the later 70's that we drove from Ohio to Cali and back in '76.
  3. RichL

    Tales of an Attitude toyhauler

  4. RichL

    Tales of an Attitude toyhauler

    Hoping all is OK from here as well.
  5. RichL

    Cross country trip....

    LOL. I met a Golden today. Belongs to newer member at our boat club. Pretty sure he and I are going to be good friends.
  6. RichL

    Cross country trip....

    Pic #1... The pup looks relieved the day's drive is over. 😄
  7. RichL

    W TG --- anybody ?

    Don't know you but enjoy your posts. Good to hear you're on the mend.
  8. RichL

    H20Toie Lake Cumberland Poker Run Photos

    Bummer about the delivery. Good that they were able to find seats for the ride.
  9. RichL

    Daycare....MaK got the rona

    Agreed. Hope she's feeling better real soon.
  10. RichL

    Overnight Knee Pain

    Don't ask. FWIW when I tore mine 3 years ago, I had to do P.T. to heal it.
  11. RichL

    Mach Jesus.

    Had the exact same thing happen in my folk's garage in Delaware back in 2001 or 2002.
  12. RichL

    Amazon prime not today backed up 20 miles

    He's not??? 😯
  13. RichL

    Sharing a cup of sunshine to start the day

    Oddly enough I was just about to hit the remote start for the truck this morning when a young buck came walking out of the woods, across the driveway and into the yard where he started munching. Wife took pics through the window screen trying not to spook him. I finally started the truck, he...
  14. RichL

    LAM Labor Day turned into Labor Day

  15. RichL

    Northern Nevada Roadtrip....

    Looks like a beautiful area.
  16. RichL

    External Hydraulic steering

    This is the rule I've always heard as well.
  17. RichL

    Road Trip - unexpected

    I might have been across the previously pictured bridge a couple of times when picking up a boat ;)
  18. RichL

    Yellowstone Season 4

    Just reading this will only be available as a paid viewing? WTF?
  19. RichL

    Yellowstone Season 4

    Paramount network