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  1. Dansblown73Nordic

    Motorhomes Diesel Pusher

    Curious about anyone with some Diesel pusher experience. Looking at a 1998 with 57K miles. Cat with a Allison. Unit is super clean inside. Outside has some fading from the sun. More concerned about that vintage Cat? Seams to run great. Looking to try this and see how we like it before jumping...
  2. Dansblown73Nordic

    Need Help With a Scam?

    So a friend met this guy online. She im sure told him her life story. She is a widow. She was scammed out of 80k. This was a couple years ago. Guy was always going to come and visit her. She just kept sending money. Just a little back story on how stupid this girl is. So fast forward. She finds...
  3. Dansblown73Nordic

    Schiada 22ft V-Drive 15K

    I have a 76 Schiada V-Drive 454 Turbo 400. Boat is a project. Needs total interior. Gel coat is probably a 9 out of 10. Ellis trailer with new tires. 15K firm. located in Up-State NY.
  4. Dansblown73Nordic

    Schiada 22ft V-Drive

    So I have this 22ft 1976 Schiada V-Drive. 454 Art Carr Turbo-400. C-500 Casale. Ellis Trailer. I have owned this boat about 20 years. It is a project. I bought it without an interior. I tossed some old seats in it and ran it a few years. At some point I bought a used interior. Buckets and a rear...
  5. Dansblown73Nordic

    Anyone ever sell a car and the guy never picks it up?

    I sold a 66 Impala Convertible. The guy lives in Florida. He sends two goons to look at it. They give me part of the money in cash. They then say we will be back in two days with the rest of the money. Two days later they show up in the same clothes. they have a story that the one guy flew from...
  6. Dansblown73Nordic


    So I added a 28x60 addition on my 40x60 Pole Barn. I called a couple local lumber yards. I had a builder but I agreed to get the materials myself. So I got two estimates. One was about 4k less than the other one. So I went with the cheaper guy. Basically the same exact materials. So they dropped...
  7. Dansblown73Nordic

    WTB 85841 Atwood Master Cylinder

    I have an Ellis trailer that has this master cylinder. I guess It is no longer made. Anyone have a new one?
  8. Dansblown73Nordic

    Trailer Brake Questions.

    So I picked up some new wheels and tires. Went to spin one of the hubs and it doesn't sound good at all. So im thinking of changing over to disk brakes. This is a 82 Ellis trailer. PO unhooked the brakes years ago for some reason. Just wondering if the disk brakes are worth the cost or should I...
  9. Dansblown73Nordic

    Im looking at a V-Drive in a Warlock Cat.

    Has anyone ever seen one of these before? Anyone know anything about them? Has a blower motor with a Turbo 400. Says it runs a 100. Not to much more info. Im thinking this was converted from a Whacker but im not sure. Thanks for the Info....
  10. Dansblown73Nordic

    Cost To Sell Something On Ebay???

    So over the years I have sold many things on E-bay. I always thought the fee they charge was fairly reasonable. I have not sold anything real recent. So a few weeks ago I sold an item for 2k. They charged me $200. So I thought WOW that seams Ridiculous. I called and the girl at E-Bay oh it has...
  11. Dansblown73Nordic


    Looking for a V-Drive BBC Oil Pan Flywheel Forward. Prefer 12-14 quart but maybe a 10 will work. BBC Timing cover Cast aluminum. Water Pump River Rat or Magnaflow.
  12. Dansblown73Nordic

    At A Party Tonight Listening To A Young Man Tell Me How Bad Jail Is!!!!

    This 18 year old kid has been in trouble for several years. At 15 he stole his neighbors car who was on vacation. He spent a evening driving this car like a drift car. Used the emergency brake to skid it around corners. It looked like a car from a demolition derby when he was done. Smashed on...
  13. Dansblown73Nordic

    22 Ft Schiada Fuel Tanks ????

    Can someone give me some good dimenions? Maybe a couple good pictures. I have tried to find a used set of tanks but have given up. I have a friend with a fab shop who will build me a new set. Thanks Dan
  14. Dansblown73Nordic

    WANTED Top Shaft for a C-500

    Looking for a good used top shft for a C-500. Thanks Dan
  15. Dansblown73Nordic

    22 Schiada Parts Boat VALUE????

    I have a line on a 22 ft Schiada. It has no motor. It has no Trans. It has sat outside un covered for about 6-8 years. It has a V-Drive. It has plates on the back. Floors are rotted. It has nice fuel tanks that may or may not be any good. The boat is on a halfway decent trailer. It has lots of...
  16. Dansblown73Nordic

    My House Rehab PROJECT.....

    I bought this house two years ago. I thought in about six months I could have it all fixed up. Ha Ha Ha. The house was built in 1969 so its not super OLD. However it needed EVERYTHING. The last owners were a little WACKY. They kept farm animals in the house. Goats,Chickens,Ducks and who knows...
  17. Dansblown73Nordic

    Schiada Parts?????

    Anybody have any Parts to SELL??? Gas Tanks? Wood Swim Deck? Anything else?
  18. Dansblown73Nordic

    76 Schiada 22 ft Project

    I have a 76 22 ft that I have owned for about 6-7 years now. I bought it with a 454/Turbo-400 trans. It has a C-500 Casale box with 18 % gears. When I bought the boat the last owner decided he wanted to make the boat faster so he took the complete original interior out and tossed it in the...
  19. Dansblown73Nordic

    New FORD Pick-up Option!!!!!

    On the new Ford pick-ups they now have a heated tailgate...;) " So your hands don't get cold when your pushing it!!!!!!!!!!!!:lmao
  20. Dansblown73Nordic

    Pics of my broken CRANK!!!!!

    I am an Owner Operator. Three weeks ago I started having a funny Vibration.....About four hours later it got really LOUD!!!!!:swear This is from a 3406E Cat motor. Im starting to find out its very common.....:smackhead