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  1. boblins

    The Refuge

    President of HOA has contacted our winter golfing group and tells us that they are working on having the course and restaurant open for the winter season.
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    So I did this........

    My first bike.
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    3/4 Rant

    Usually try to turn adaptive cruise off, but many cars/trucks do not make that option available. When driving those vehicles you may find that you have slowed down substantially without noticing it right away because the transition was so smooth/slow. Might be ok in heavy freeway traffic...
  4. boblins

    Going to Canada with a DUI

    Surprised that most do not know that exactly the same thing happens to Canadians when they travel to the US, including the need for a visa in order to do any work.
  5. boblins

    Going to Canada with a DUI

    US has same issues for Canadians if they cross with a DUI in their past. Can take some serious time and dollars to resolve, but it can be done permanently to solve the issue going to the US and suspect that a similar process is available for those coming to Canada. Working in either country...
  6. boblins

    weather forecast for our Great White North region is 48 Celsius [ 118.4 F ] for next Tuesday

    When did the desert area of southern BC become the Great White North😀? High 30c's - 100 F - forecast for the real north next week (snow in our yard only been completely gone for 30 days) . Loving it.
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    Earthquake?? So cal??

    Minor vibrations felt in our house in Havasu middle of the night. Pretty sure we don't have a massage feature on our bed.
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    Desert Storm Shootout “C’Mon Man”

    My built in speed inicator is not good at telling me actual speeds but is pretty good at relative comparisons, and based upon what we saw, Fatal Attraction's first run was noticeably quicker visually than any following (even engine sound was different). But, that still does not mean that an...
  9. boblins

    Welcome to Canada: Gulag Edition

    Unless your test is positive then you get to stay the whole 14 days.
  10. boblins

    Welcome to Canada: Gulag Edition

    Hotel stay not quite in effect yet (unless your preflight test is not accepted then you are escorted, by armed guard, to the undisclosed quarantine location shown in the article), as always, the govt was not ready. Amazing that they decide to become so over cautious at the same time positive...
  11. boblins

    Why do we stay here? -37 now -52 with wind chill.

    And thats the reason we leave Northern Alberta in the winter. Enjoyed it for enough years, no need to suffer through it at this time in our lives.
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    Car Hauler/Trailer Advice from the RDers...

    Be careful with capacity limits on the trailer. In some states you might find yourself needing a CDL even if towing an empty trailer.
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    FYI; Canada effectively shutting down travel

    Took effect a year or so ago.
  14. boblins

    FYI; Canada effectively shutting down travel

    That used to be true, but not anymore. All cross border traffic is now coordinated with both countries and on computer. You can check your I94 status anytime and it will tell you when you crossed the border, where and which direction. Apparently there might be a process to extend stays but...
  15. boblins

    FYI; Canada effectively shutting down travel

    Now that we are here in Arizona, the Canadian govt seems to not want us to return. OK with me, but need the US govt to extend our 6 month stay to 18 to make it work, otherwise we will be in a neverland where we are not welcome back in Canada and not welcome to stay in the states. ?Maybe we can...
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    The Nautical

    Interesting, they told me $3000.
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    Seems that your quest for the perfect RV is still on. After seeing so many pass through your driveway it might be time to think about custom building from the frame up to get what you want. On the other hand trying them all out and flipping them might be fun and sometimes profitable. For me...
  18. boblins

    So Ford does not take government handouts?

    OAKVILLE, Ont. — The federal and Ontario governments are each chipping in more than $250 million to mass produce electric vehicles — and the batteries that power them — at Ford Motor Co.'s plant in Oakville, Ont.
  19. boblins

    Canadian Inmates

    Serious lack of leadership that is able to think above grade 2 level. But Prime Minister Justin's handlers think they have an opportunity to convert the country to true socialism using the COVID as an excuse by the looks of things. Would not be surprised to see the feds close the national...
  20. boblins

    Nautical Inn Timeshare For Sale

    If anyone interested in an annual flex week (Oct - April), ours is available.