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  1. jonnyd

    Awakened Church = Awakened America

    If you have the time this 42 minute message to the Church in America is incredible! Mario Murillo has been a voice for America and the Church's role in this great country for some time now! The two go hand in hand!
  2. jonnyd

    Vaccines-Just a Reminder

    Apparently there are experts that refute her findings. I'm so tired of reading articles that tell their readers about some panel of experts that either don't want their names mentioned or don't exist. I do not give any any credit to any article that refer to an expert. Rant over!
  3. jonnyd

    Let’s Roll - 9/11

    We do need God back in our country. I saw this verse somewhere else this morning. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Amos+9%3A+11-12&version=NIV
  4. jonnyd

    On this day in 1776

    When you substitute the word Communism with the word Covid it all starts to make sense.
  5. jonnyd

    Arson in NorCal

    The original articles that came out about this guy accuse him of coming in behind the firefighters that are battling the Dixie fire and starting new fires trying to trap the firefighters between the flames. There was another lady that was arrested in Eldorado County for starting fires a few...
  6. jonnyd

    ACLU 2021 Honk Honk

    You just can't make this up. The "American Civil Liberties Union" determining which civil liberties to defend.
  7. jonnyd

    MSGT..CHAPMAN... You personify America..

    Wow! That Man was a true Warrior!
  8. jonnyd

    Sure...... why not

    This current crop of politicians has no desire to help anyone but themselves. This is just another way to launder money into their own pockets while appearing to help some downcast group of victims. I feel like I'm watching some Netflix show like Ozark.
  9. jonnyd

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    My son and I were fishing in the Kyburz area a few weeks ago. Hard to believe they were able to save the cabins. That area was had many trees and the cabins etc. looked very old. Glad the cabins were spared!
  10. jonnyd

    Covid Study I Was Waiting For

    Everything that I have read and heard points to the fact that this Virus was created and released from a lab in Wuhan China. Whether it was released accidentally or not it blows my mind that people are more upset at the folks that don't want the vaccine then they are at China for releasing this...
  11. jonnyd

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    It's a good idea getting them out early. When we had to evacuate back in 2017 the traffic was gridlocked and the fire was all around us. I saw folks towing boats, car trailers and every car they owned which just added to the gridlock. We were ready to get out of our vehicle and run to safety...
  12. jonnyd

    Fly fishing advice in Wyoming/Montana

    My first fly rod was a similar set up and it's still going strong after 20+ years. With that being said if you get hooked on fly fishing you may want to upgrade to something a little better. Sportsman Wearhouse sells a Rod made by Fenwick called AETOS. The 9', 5 weight sells for under $200 and...
  13. jonnyd

    Antifa infiltrated

    I'm guessing Sonoma County Law Enforcement has notified their personnel and anyone on the list. The Barry Brodd incident was a surprise that should be a wake up call that these scum are serious enough to attack the officers at home putting their family's at risk. I hope this nonsense doesn't...
  14. jonnyd

    The Stasi Comes For Rudy

    I wonder what's in his personal devices from his visit to Ukraine while investigating certain issues for President Trump. Could there be information that maybe implicates other individuals aside from Rudy? "How do you insert evidence into an investigation"
  15. jonnyd

    Promise Keepers

    Some people make it about themselves rather than what the purpose of the promise keepers events were created to be.
  16. jonnyd

    Promise Keepers

    Sean has a wonderful ministry. He takes it directly to the hot spots. It's great how many people his ministry touches.
  17. jonnyd

    Promise Keepers

    I am blown away by the attendance of these events! Sold out stadiums of people who are not going to see a sporting event, rock group or even get a beer, but rather getting together with other people to worship the King and have their lives changed forever!
  18. jonnyd

    Promise Keepers

    Do any of you remember this movement? Did anyone actually go to one of the events? I remember my Dad asking me to go with him to one of the events but I declined. Looking back now I wish I had taken him up on his offer. If I could only go back I would give my right arm to be able to do anything...
  19. jonnyd

    Impending Verdict...And A "What If?"

    Like many law enforcement officers Mr. Brodd decided that he was not ready to stop working after retirement and so he saw an opportunity to become an expert witness and quickly became one of the go to people in the nation for use of force incidents. He has testified for both sides of the aisle...
  20. jonnyd

    Pete got caught

    Every single one of these dimwits is a phony. How embarrassing!