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  1. MeCasa16

    V Drive Prop

    14 X 18 LC 1” 4 Blade. Barely used, located in Havasu. I used it on my Spectra 24 a few times. $300 (805)822-7251 Matt
  2. MeCasa16

    Mobile vessel view. SOLD

    Works great. Bluetooth all the engine information from your mercury smart craft motor to the vessel view app on your phone. $sold Located in Havasu (805)822-7251 Matt
  3. MeCasa16

    2017 Jaguar F type R AWD SOLD

    2017 F Type R AWD with 17,200 miles. 550hp from a supercharged 5.0L V8. There is no better sounding exhaust note. Fully loaded with Pano roof and Vision package. Tires have less than 3,000 miles and the factory service was just done within 500 miles. One more factory service is included in...
  4. MeCasa16

    Getting last minute boat service to save the weekend...

    Can't thank Shane @namba860 enough. He always comes through in a pinch for me. I really appreciate that kind of service.
  5. MeCasa16

    Howard 255 VTX video and full review

    Here is the preview video. Full review to come by the weekend. This boat is absolutely awesome and has exceeded our expectations.
  6. MeCasa16

    I’m tired of finding this shit in the desert...

    Who the F@ck did this? It’s a couple hundred yards from the entrance to the dump. It’s full of trash. Can anyone look up the last owner by the hull ID? I’d be willing to kick down the money to haul this to the front yard of the savage who did this.. Finding the last owner is a great place to...
  7. MeCasa16

    A new level of stupid...

    So we are cruising up to pirates yesterday, going through the no wake zone under the Topoc bridge. Some clown with a full boat and his massive tube strapped to the back comes cruising through just under step speed plowing a monster wake a roll boat would be envious of. I politely yell about the...
  8. MeCasa16

    Looking for a Bad Ass Howard? PRICE DROP

    No, it's not my new one.. Check out the classifieds.. I just posted a 2013 SDS with a Merc 600 for Gene. BAD ASS! only 68 hours on it. Sure beats the 3 year wait..
  9. MeCasa16

    2013 Howard SDS w/Merc 600 SOLD

    2013 Howard SDS with Merc 600 and "68 hours" original use. Boat is "Perfect" and loaded with every Howard option. Delivered in late 2013 and always stored indoors in Havasu. Has not been used for the past 2 years. Replacement cost today is $250K plus tax.
  10. MeCasa16

    Not good news for desert storm parties...

    Sounds like they just took 4lbs of party favors off the streets right before the big weekend. Seriously though.. 4lbs? That’s a lot of cocaine...
  11. MeCasa16

    Anyone looking for a hotel for desert storm?

    I got a room so we could rent out our house, but we didn’t end up renting out our house.. text me if interested. 1 bedroom king bed with kitchenette and living room. It’s available now until the 30th. $200/night (805)822-7251
  12. MeCasa16

    DJ setup in the channel

    Last night we took the dog to the dog park. Music was blasting super loud, and we didn’t see any boats that looked capable of that. We took a walk down the channel and found “DJ Pajama Pants” rocking out in the channel.. he had his whole kit set up and a pretty impressive subwoofer. He was...
  13. MeCasa16

    In need of the brain trust advice...

    Anybody have an idea how to bend this hook back into shape? I thought I would just replace it, but it seems I have to replace the whole cable. I can’t find a good replacement hook or the part to cinch the cable back into a loop through a replacement hook. I thought this would be a lot easier...
  14. MeCasa16

    1978 24' SOLD

    1978 Spectra 24’ day cruiser V-Drive. 496HO with smartcraft (430 hp). Engine has 100 hours on it. Boat was just serviced(engine, V-drive, and trailer)and is turn key, ready to go. New interior and new carpet. Electric over hydraulic trim tabs, vessel view 4, new switches, and new wiring...
  15. MeCasa16

    Havasu Outdoor storage for a camper trailer.

    Anybody know a cheap place to store a camper trailer in Havasu? I have a 25’ toy hauler I need out of my driveway. Just looking for cheap outdoor and uncovered storage.
  16. MeCasa16

    Water hose cone for mercury sport master

    I used it one my 300 promax. I’m in lake havasu 805-822-7251
  17. MeCasa16

    Sara Park speedway

    I went out and snapped a couple pics of Sara Park to see how much dust really might be there for the boat show. I know a few people on here who grumbled that it would be too dusty to have the boat show there. The infield seems to be old asphalt with most of the dirt being on the tiny kids...
  18. MeCasa16

    Boating question. Or puzzle..?

    I need to replace my filler necks. I thought it would be no big deal. I assumed it would fit through the cutout on my boat and over the tank. Well it doesn’t. And the hose is too rigid to bend in there. Anyone have some strategy, tips, or advice?
  19. MeCasa16

    Havasu Boat show

    Sounds like it’s a go.. 👍 Hopefully all the April Festivities for boating go off like Normal.
  20. MeCasa16

    An idea to eliminate the rocks in the channel.

    When I walk the channel in the winter, the amount of rocks amazes me. I just cringe at all the beach rash it causes and the amount of money spent to repair it. I can’t stand the look of those keel guards. I thought about how long it would take with a manual rake and regret even having the...