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  1. 5oclocksomewhere

    No Joke! This is where we’re headed so you better start taking this serious!

    Ok so this morning at 0430 I got a text from my buddy in Pennsylvania. I will post the link to the text he sent me about Italy. You better listen and take this shit seriously and quit fucking around. My buddy (who is no conspiracy theorist) use to work at the pentagon and now works at home as a...
  2. 5oclocksomewhere

    This idiot

    Bernie Sanders warns coronavirus deaths could exceed armed forces casualties in WWII https://www.foxnews.com/media/bernie-sanders-coronavirus-wwii-deaths Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at http://www.foxnews.com/apps-products/index.html.
  3. 5oclocksomewhere

    Hey Democrat’s does Sander’s scare you guys?

    I didn’t want to muddy up my union thread. So does Sander’s scare the shit out of you guys? The rest of your guys candidates seem pretty nutty with socialist leaning views also, with the exception of Bloomberg. I would think the Democratic Party would be fully behind Bloomberg, as I think he’s...
  4. 5oclocksomewhere

    Serious question for the union guys on here.

    What’s going on inside your unions right now? Unions are know for backing Democratic candidate. Are the Unions gonna back Sanders if he gets the ticket or are they gonna go with Trump? This is a serious question. I’m courious of what’s being talked about in the union/union halls? Not looking...
  5. 5oclocksomewhere

    The best is yet to come!

    Wow! Hopefully not a vin.
  6. 5oclocksomewhere

    Did Milkmoney quit the site?

    I just tried to PM about a trucking job and it said oops! Profile not available.
  7. 5oclocksomewhere

    Best meme ever! Mic drop!!!

  8. 5oclocksomewhere

    Hunters PSA

    That’s right boys it’s that time of year we neglect our wives for a months or so.:p:D
  9. 5oclocksomewhere

    Hey mobldj you got some esplaining to do???

    :D:eek::eek::DWoman divorces husband, finds love with her wedding DJ, despite 23-year age gap https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/woman-husband-wedding-dj Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at http://www.foxnews.com/apps-products/index.html.
  10. 5oclocksomewhere

    So true!

  11. 5oclocksomewhere

    WTB a flatbed rolloff bin

    I’m looking for a flatbed rolloff bin to haul my derocking machine. It won’t fit in my current low sided rolloff bin. Thanks in advance.
  12. 5oclocksomewhere

    What’s up with people not washing there hands anymore

    What’s up with all the people using the restroom not washing there hands anymore? I have noticed the increase of this disgusting epidemic over the years. I call people out every time I’m in the restroom and somebody starts to walk out without washing there hands. I usually say “hey man you...
  13. 5oclocksomewhere


    I can’t believe Arby’s is dumb enough to support this type of Anarchy! I hope they open fire on these stupid MFers that try to storm a military base. If not the Anarchy in this country will only get worse. Arby's promises to 'bring the meat' to Area 51: 'Aliens deserve the best meat on Earth'...
  14. 5oclocksomewhere

    This PC shit is so out of control it’s jaw dropping.

    This is a great band from back in the 80s & 90s. What fucking bullshit. Fuck Illinois & New York anyway. Country rock band Confederate Railroad booted from second state fair over its name: We've 'done nothing wrong'...
  15. 5oclocksomewhere

    What happened to Kendog689????

    I was just looking at Bullhead bully’s post about Powell and saw a post from kendog689 and realized I haven’t seen him around here in awhile.
  16. 5oclocksomewhere

    How many fad Vitamin/health gimmicks does your wife fall for on fagbook?

    Love my beautiful wife who is amazing with family, kids, money and keeping me inline buuutttt! How in the fuck does she always fall for these fucking fagbook fad gimmicks. The latest is revitalU and smart coffe. The only thing smart about this is, the smart motherfucker that figured out how to...
  17. 5oclocksomewhere

    Where did Grads Mark Z thread go?

    I don't see it anymore? Deleted or as Fagbook hacked The RDP site?
  18. 5oclocksomewhere

    I need relevant news on the new Ridgecrest earth quake!

    My youngest sis lives there and nobody can get ahold of her.
  19. 5oclocksomewhere

    Forget about the hostility on the board what about all the bad luck lately

    Damn what about all the members and run of bad luck lately. Deaths, sicknesses, funerals, divorces, injuries and the list goes on. And let’s not forget diseased fighting cocks. I’m affraid to get on RDP in the morning anymore for fear of reading more bad luck. Rather than reply to everybody’s...
  20. 5oclocksomewhere

    How many times will Grads get banned this summer?

    With Ol RD down for the count from boating this summer I’m sure his patience level will no be very high. I think Grads is pretty funny as long as he’s not talking politics or shitting in one of my hunting threads. I find it even funnier when Shintooo drops the hammer on him. I say Grads gets...