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    Verado 400 Extended Warranty cost?

    Are extended warranty costs for these engines the same as car warranties, where the same coverage plan will vary depending on who’s selling it to you? Not sure what I was expecting, but this seems high. Engine was completely blown up at about 30 hours, and replaced (power head) under warranty...
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    Something new this way comes (Shockwave)

    Not mine, but I can’t wait to ride in it... I’d be killed if I posted anything other than this.... and the quote I got was “it has quite a bit left in it” Should get the OK to post full pics tomorrow.
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    2017 RZR XP4 1000

    2017 5 seat XP1000 761 miles / 46 hours Full EVP stage 3 (tune/exhaust/intake) Dalton clutch / Hunterworks belt Method wheels / tensor 30” tires Full Walker Evans Tuned shocks / springs TFBB cage / windshield / wing Chase lights Rear bench / front buckets SSV 5 speaker stereo Rugged radio /...
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    CHP busy on Rice Rd.

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    EVP RZR XP1K Non turbo exhaust. 2015+

    NIB. Black heat shield $450. LHC AZ
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    Sunday boating(?)

    Anyone in Havasu headed out today? Supposed to be in the 70’s
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    1979 19’ Carrera Bubble Deck Jet Boat

    This kills me. 1979 Carrera Bubble Deck 502 roller motor / Demon carb / Mag ignition Dominator jet w/ hydraulic place diverter & steering wheel controls. This is an awesome river cruiser, had it kiss 70 on GPS and it runs amazing. Very well kept given its age. Interior is perfect, gel...
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    Can I have my own pool thread? (FBW’s pool build!)

    Wife insisted, I just nod and sign where I’m told. Heard good and bad things about all the pool companies we looked at. A couple wouldn’t even call us back. Ended up with Mohave County Pools. We have a tiny back yard which is made worse by a Public Utility Easement (PUE) which essential cut...
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    Well.... shit.

    My 400 shit the bed at 36 hours. Oil everywhere. No warning from the simrad / vessel view. Major vibration after the beeps and shutdown. Oil filter / fill plug intact.
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    Snuck into Parker today.

    Saw River Dave this morning at school drop off and asked for the super secret Parker Passcode (since it’s closed). Needed to shake down my new Carrera 19 foot bubble deck and figured it’d be perfect. It was. Grabbed my homie Nick and his wife Courtney and off we went. Oops. I guess all the...
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    New toon (HEY LAM!)

    Posted this in Toon Town already but eff it, I need the attention. [emoji23] My wife’s idea of boating has ALWAYS been to pack the boat full of people you enjoy, and just spend the day together. I’ve always wanted to go fast. Or at least didn’t want to take 3 hours to get to Topock for...
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    Joined the club. (Aged 20 years maybe)

    Took a ride on a few tri toons and was hooked. Especially this particular one. It turns amazingly. Didn’t want to take 3 hours to get to Topock so the wife agreed to the 400. I’ll wait til the kids are out of the house to get my speedster, I guess. [emoji2359] Manitou 25 Legacy. Merc 400.
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    Havasu Recommendations (on going)

    Signing paperwork next week, so excited. Needing to button a few things up and was hoping to get some recommendations, as we know jack about companies / contractors in the area. Already in talks with sand castle pools, MVR is unreachable. Who is the go-to for shutters and blinds?
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    signature test / post

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    Hey LAM! (Warning, boat content)

    Picked up the new float. Can’t say enough good things about the guys and gals at shockwave! They absolutely nailed it.
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    [WTS] 2015 Shockwave Tremor

    ...this makes me want to puke. 2015 Shockwave 25 foot Tremor 2015 LA boat show display boat Open bow walk-through 502 Mag / HO 430HP 90’ish hours (below in fact) Billet seat bases Livorsi billet controls Livorsi gauges Gelcoated drink holder pockets Onboard battery charger Dual batteries...
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    So Cal to Havasu (with kids)

    I know its been kicked around on here a couple times. When I try and search for the threads of wisdom I only find years-old threads. Who's made the move to Havasu from Southern California? I have the opportunity to do just that, but cant help but think I'm being selfish about it. When I used...
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    Don't have a "fancy" boat...

    ....and try your best not to be white. http://abc7.com/news/couple-attacked-with-hammer-for-apparently-having-fancy-boat-being-white/1839578/
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    Allow myself to introduce.......... myself. (new-to-us boat)

    So I've lurked around this place for a long, long time. Never registered or participated because I didn't own a boat. I equated it to wearing Harley Davidson shirts without owing a Harley. ;) Grew up going to the river with my Mom, mostly Laughlin, on our Sea Doo's... until we "upgraded" to a...