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  1. t&y

    I need a new Dishwasher

    No, not the wife.... I mean an actual dishwasher. The one that has been working just fine for over 20 years is finally circling the drain. For those of you privileged people that use a dishwasher, what would be your recommendations? Trying to keep it under 1k
  2. t&y

    Dog needs a new home ASAP for FREE!

    Anybody want a dog for free? We adopted this guy about 6 months ago from his original owners. They were in a condo with 4 kids and no room. He is a 3 1/2 year old mix of Brown Lab and Weimaraner, is neutered and fully vaccinated, and weighs close to 90 lbs. He knows all the basic commands...
  3. t&y

    Concrete Patio and Drive/Parking area Riverside

    Any concrete contractors on the boards? Looking for options in the Riverside area. Flat work in a backyard. Not stamped. Kinda curious what the going rate is. Last time I did it we paid 300 for the pump guy, 1000 for 10 yards delivered, and can't remember what the rebar and setup was....
  4. t&y

    RV Resort or Park Location Southern Utah

    Might be able to flee Cali for a few days in the near future and thinking of taking a trip with the 5th wheel into Utah. Thinking closer to St. George area as a base camp for daily outings. Anybody have any good recommendations for full hookup locations?
  5. t&y

    Need a body shop in the Riverside area.

    Looking to get my 74 bronco painted. I need a place that #1 won't steal it, and #2 isn't stupid custom fabrication charge double for a name brand type place. I get that you generally get what you pay for, and I'm not expecting anything for free. Just don't want to get screwed. Anybody on...
  6. t&y

    If the Senate Impeaches, Then Huge Voter Fraud is Discovered???

    What happens. So if they go all the way through with this and they actually complete the impeachment process in the senate... but then by some act of all things holy in this life, actual verifiable and accepted massive voter fraud is presented and upheld in the court system.... CAN PRESIDENT...
  7. t&y

    Trump Pardon's

    What is the deal with this nonsense. All I keep hearing is how he is pardoning himself and his family before leaving office. What crime has he been charged and convicted of? Libturds, I know this is your wetdream and all, but really what are you talking about here?
  8. t&y

    Count Order, Pre-Vote vs Day Of.

    So I had a little discussion with people at the polling place the other day. I'm not sure if it is consistent across the country, but they told me that the early voting (drop off boxes and actual voting) will be tallied first (as in when they "open" for business) day of the election. So...
  9. t&y

    Solar Attic Fan & Spot Lights

    Looking for the brain trusts input on installing a Solar powered Attic Fan on the House, and on the new sheds. For the sheds it doesn't need to be anything too crazy, they are only 8 x 12 but I figure why not keep it cooler in there if we can. For the house I need something able to handle...
  10. t&y

    Gascon vs. Lacey for LA DA.

    People, get the word out to all of your LaACounty Voters... Yes for Lacey. Gascon supports the very thing that is going on in the streets, is a big supporter of the zero bail, prop 47, etc type of non enforcement / decriminalizing / "reform" that is supported by the BLM and Antifa type logic...
  11. t&y

    4 Door Sedan, What Would You Buy and Why?

    I already have a Crew Cab Diesel, a Mini Van, and a Small 2 door commuter. The commuter will be used by my kids. I need a new car to commute in, and preferably one that is not bad to drive.;) I'm in this car for an average of 1 hour a day with good traffic, 2 easy with bad traffic. My...
  12. t&y

    Backyard Shed Info Needed

    Of course when we are ready to put in sheds they are no longer available, or available for almost double the price, but no inventory in to be bought.... We had planned on buying some precut kits from one of the box stores but they are out, and the item is off their inventory for the future...
  13. t&y

    Anybody Do Glass Shower Doors?

    I thought we had a member on here that did these. Need one for the master bath and I'd rather give the work to member than just a random guy from the internet.
  14. t&y

    Installing 8ft Prebuilt Cabinet Into 8ft Finished Ceiling Area

    Oh boy.... Had to order custom cabinets. Ordered them 96" tall because... well you know... my ceiling height is 8ft. 😒 FML
  15. t&y

    Oscillating Tool vs. RotoZip Tool

    Need advice. If you were getting into some house re-mod type stuff.... bathroom & kitchen... outside shed construction... etc. and you were trying to make demo a bit easier, which of the two types of tools would you pick. I already have all the standard demo stuff, but thinking adding a...
  16. t&y

    98 24ft Cheetah Fast Cat Deck Boat

  17. t&y

    Selling a Boat: Best place Here, Craigslist, or Boat Trader?

    Not that I would ever put a "For Sale" post in the lounge, but just in case, where would all the inmates think the best place to advertise this 1998 24ft Cheetah Fast Cat, stock 7.4 Merc with 640ish hours, Bravo 1 Outdrive with a 22p prop, full cover and oversized bimini... would be? And, if I...
  18. t&y

    LAPD at it again. The Protestors Were Right!

    I can't believe it. These poor peaceful individuals were accosted by the LAPD..... AS USUAL.... obviously just minding their own business when those jack booted thugs turned peaceful protest into a violent one...
  19. t&y

    Do you respond to Political Polls?

    The polls crack me up. There is no disputing you can manipulate the stats in most cases, so do you bother even taking part in the polls. My home phone goes off at least twice a day on the weekend from either the RNC or DNC. I don't bother answering them, nor do I take online advertisement...
  20. t&y

    Thomas Sowell

    This is from 2012, but it hits the points we are dealing with today. Worth the watch if you have the time.