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  1. BassLakeCruiser

    BBC Parts

    Isky Racing Cams 366-RHM Endurance Plus Roller Lifter $300 28 hours 540 rotating assembly. Velasco crank, unknown rods, Icon pistons. See pt #. $500 unknown hours on cranks and rods, 28 hours on pistons. Spun #8 rod bearing turbo 400 adapter. Friction is pretty worn. Unknown hours. $50...
  2. BassLakeCruiser

    Calgo steering help

    How tight is tight? I’ve tightened down till it the steering wheel firms up quite a bit. When I get hard in the throttle of my RC I experience a ton of torque steer. 12 o’clock turns into about 8 o’clock and difficult to turn left. When I bought the boat the sheathing was collapsed and I put new...
  3. BassLakeCruiser

    Twin turbo setup

    Gentry housings, Lee cooler, BDS intake. $3,200 located in Fresno.
  4. BassLakeCruiser

    Ellis Trailers

    Does anybody have decals or a copy of the logo so I can have some made?
  5. BassLakeCruiser

    MSD Rev Limiter

    Anybody use the MSD 8768 rev limiter on the non rev limiter marine ignition? Are They reliable? They are discontinued but was able to pick up a used unit for a few bucks. Figured I would give it a try before purchasing the newer box w limiter.
  6. BassLakeCruiser

    [SOLD] 10* Casale gears 25%

    10* Casale 25% gears. Teeth look good but wear on the splines. Wear is funny, it’s in the middle only. Reputable shop said they would be fine in a family ski boat. $165 shipped.
  7. BassLakeCruiser

    Schiada Gearing

    What’s the general rule of thumb for gears vs HP on a 21? I know there’s many, many variables but if somebody was upgrading their motor package or planning to it may be interesting to know where to start. Could get somebody close then dial in a prop for a few 100rpm whatever direction they need...
  8. BassLakeCruiser

    Squarebody paint resto

    Anybody have successful techniques for restoring chalky paint? Playing around with a squarebody suburban that’s got some pretty shot out white paint. Playing around with the new Harbor Freight DA polisher with supplied generic foam pad and Meguires 105 I had on the shelf. Running the DA on 4.5-5...
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    Misc parts

    Make reasonable offers. I can ship reasonable offers ups daily
  10. BassLakeCruiser

    WTB Casale Gears

    Looking for some 25% gears for a Casale 10* box. Daniel 559-217-7031
  11. BassLakeCruiser

    Keith Eickert and Teague Valve Covers

    Keith Eickert BBC valve covers with catch tank and lines. Hardware included but not pictured. Previous owner siliconed one of the gaskets to seal. $400 shipped on the west coast. SOLD!!! SOLD!! Teague BBC covers. Oxidized. $150 shipped on the west coast PM or 559-217-7032
  12. BassLakeCruiser

    Carli King shock package

    FOR SALE! 2010-2012/13 Ram Carli King PinTop shock package with res mounts and new front limit strap kit for the 3” system. Wrapped in clear bra. Completely rebuilt December 2018. All highway miles. Located in Fresno 559-217-7031 $2050 shipped to the western states. May also work on 3rd gens...
  13. BassLakeCruiser

    Water pressure relief

    Any tips or suggestions on setting one up? Can it be done on a garden hose off the house pressure? I built a little contraption with a gauge and at full pressure can set the valve to 14-15 lbs bit start to choke the water down and the valve still flows down to about 7 lbs. maybe it’s wore out or...
  14. BassLakeCruiser

    Callaway Cars - 600 hp Tahoes

    any Callaway owners on the boards? These Tahoe’s are trick! https://www.callawaycars.com/homepage/cars/callaway-tahoe/
  15. BassLakeCruiser

    Cooling & Plumbing

    Water pickups...how big/deep is too big? I’ve got two of these large water pickups feeding a 1” magnaflow and the other force fed to the coolers and Casale. I’ve heard the Magnaflows will only build so much pressure and the vanes will fold over. Just wondering if they should be trimmed or...
  16. BassLakeCruiser

    Bass Lake Boat Show

    If you’ve ever considered vacationing at Bass or wanted to come to either of the 3 boat shows and never done it, you’re missing out. Last weekend was the boat show and it was pretty awesome. There’s a new promoter and he did an excellent job getting the bait count and quality back up. They also...
  17. BassLakeCruiser

    Transom Hardware

    Looking for ideas on transom hardware and color configurations if any. Planning to update the original hardware to do fading ano, tolerance issue and some corrosion/erosion. Would like to move the cav rod further back just enough to clear my control arm and then add that length to the new plates...
  18. BassLakeCruiser

    Cylinder heads for twin turbo

    Is there anything particular about heads for a twin turbo motor? Certain size/maker/etc? Aluminum I’m assuming like anything else beyond a stock application? 540 BBC as a base and considering purchasing heads while freshening up for the 2019 season, still in the N/A state but going TT in the...
  19. BassLakeCruiser

    D’Cucci/Spectra For Sale

    just posted in for sale threads. Thought I might let the Spectra page know.
  20. BassLakeCruiser

    [WTS] 1983 D’Cucci

    83 D’Cucci(Spectra)cruiser. Blown 60 over BBC w Littlefield 6/71 making 6 lbs of boost. 990 HiPerf heads, Crane Gold rockers, girdles, solid flat tappet. New interior, 12* Casale, Ellis trailer w new wheels, tires, bearings and fenders. Boat shows and runs extremely well. No stress cracks...