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  1. Bowtiepower00

    Griffin Land Holdings, LLC

    I own an acre outside of Williams. It’s nothing special, and I acquired it in a trade. It really isn’t worth putting money into to develop, I’ve just been holding onto it as an address to register vehicles to if needed to bypass smog. I frequently receive offers to buy it through the mail...
  2. Bowtiepower00

    Genesis Wanderer 29CKWL

    Anyone have one? Looking for some measurements. No reply from Genesis yet. Trying to figure out if I can fit one in my 48’ RV garage with my Ram in front (backed under the front of the trailer…)
  3. Bowtiepower00

    Simplifying and downsizing...

    Sold the boat today- bittersweet for sure, but it went to a great new owner. 18 months ago, I had the full RDP starter pack. Ram 2500 diesel, Toyhauler, SXS, jetski, and boat. Payments on most of it. Making the payments was never an issue, and we never got in over our heads, but there’s...
  4. Bowtiepower00

    2018 Tahoe 700 21’ $46,500 PHX

    2018 Tahoe 700 21’ runabout. One owner. Merc 6.2 (new style) 300HP/ Bravo 1/ stainless prop/ captains call thru-hull exhaust Removable Bimini, bow and cockpit covers Kicker stereo with 3 controls (including transom), 4 6.5’s, and 10” subwoofer. Has Bluetooth. Onboard charger, depth...
  5. Bowtiepower00

    ‘69 Plymouth Roadrunner father/son project (sort of... lol)

    So, my son had a “Drive-in movie” for school today. And they wanted the kids to bring in a car to sit in to watch the movie. My son is 9. We watch a lot of car shows. His favorite is “Graveyard Cars” he’s a MOPAR fan just like his grandpa. I’m more of a bowtie guy, lol. So I ask him what...
  6. Bowtiepower00

    Any inmates (who can back a trailer or drive a boat) wanna be a boat bitch for a few hours at Havasu tomorrow?

    Picking up my boat from Shane at Marine Specialties tomorrow, around 11ish. I’d like to take it for a water test/ joyride. My wife has to work and refuses to call off. All of my friends who can drive boats or back trailers have bullshit excuses. Don’t really want to launch alone. Anyone...
  7. Bowtiepower00

    Pricing a boat for sale

    This post might bite me in the ass, but here goes. Going to list my boat for sale next week. Production boat, Tahoe 700 with just about every option. I’m taking it to @namba860 to get it fully checked out and a complete service done, to make sure next owner has no worries. I bought the boat...
  8. Bowtiepower00

    To those who enjoy BOAT RACING, what do you prefer?

    The bullshit surrounding the Havasu shootout got me thinking... I enjoy all types of boat racing. But old-school offshore like I grew up watching on wide world of sports, and current shootout racing are my favorite. I remember watching the heyday of offshore as a kid with Celebs racing. And...
  9. Bowtiepower00

    HEY LAM... New Tacoma...

    Just had a great experience at Autonation Toyota Tempe. Went in to place a deposit on a TRD OR with manual trans. They ended up going 2600 under MSRP to get me into a truck today. Didn’t want an auto, but it was cheaper than ordering a manual trans truck. And I didn’t have to wait until...
  10. Bowtiepower00

    2 lifetime Horizon 100 paddleboards SOLD

    2 (a pair) lifetime horizon 100 paddleboards (10’) in Peoria AZ. Never used, includes paddles. $500.
  11. Bowtiepower00

    Side by Side service in Prescott

    Friend of mine just purchased a Kawasaki Terex, and needs routine service (First Oil change) in Prescott. Star Island is backed up and can’t get to it. Any suggestions?
  12. Bowtiepower00

    Supercross on NBCSN Live right now

    Sure beats watching the riots!
  13. Bowtiepower00

    Fuck these idiots!

    First post in the dungeon. These riots are rediculous. My wife is the most even keeled person I know, and this shit has firmly pushed her to the right and aggressively so. Fuck this bullshit, funny to me to see all of these posts I see elsewhere claiming that these riots are pushing people...
  14. Bowtiepower00

    2019 Genesis Supreme 37 GS/ XL 65k PHX

    Super clean. Lots of options, including residential fridge and ceramic coat. Excellent condition. 65k Contact Devan (602) 821-7817
  15. Bowtiepower00

    Selling a boat with a Lien on it in AZ

    Would like to list my boat (‘18 Tahoe 700 less than 20 hours) I have a loan on the boat, and am Willing to pay the difference, but how do I go about this? I know boat titles are a bit different from car titles. I figure I’ll list boat around 37.5k, I owe a bit more. I’ll gladly pay the...
  16. Bowtiepower00

    High power pellet guns

    The raccoon posts got me thinking. I will need something quiet to drop critters in my new ‘hood. Looked up the FX pellet rifles... goddamn for 1500 I’m buying a RPR. Anything out there for 500ish that can drop critters reliably? Or am I better off building a silenced .22 or even blackout AR...
  17. Bowtiepower00

    Grass, real vs. fake, for pets

    Designing our backyard now, mostly a pool with cool deck, and pavers, but will have a grass area for our dog(s). Would prefer fake turf, but I’m worried about heat during the summer (PHX). What options are out there? Figure a small area, 15x15 or so.
  18. Bowtiepower00

    Garage floor coating in PHX (west side)

    Doing a new build in Surprise. Who is the go to? 3 car plus 48x15 RV stall.
  19. Bowtiepower00

    The Last Dance

    Badass documentary. Jordan the GOAT. Fuck Kobe, and the rest. Pip way underrated. Looking forward for the next installment. Surprised no posts on this yet.
  20. Bowtiepower00

    ESPN 30 for 30 and e60

    Anyone else watching these since there’s no sports on? Lots of great shows. Have already seen most of em. Can’t wait for the last dance later this month, super happy they moved it up.