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    New Rules in Riverside County

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    Social Distance Glamis Trip?

    10 Feet just to be on the safe side😬
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    It this true? God I hope not!!

    Dont forget
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    The "TRUTH" is interesting.

    Yep https://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=112537
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    Fuckers must be French or something...... Tre sure😂
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    A little sad right now...

    Sorry to hear his passing, may he rip.
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    A little sad right now...

    Do you know how old the son was?
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    Outlaw Paddle boarder ... serious threat to society

    I’m glad they finally got GRADS. He can fuck around at Folsom Dam but Malibu pier is a no no. 😂
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    Treason Gate

    but, but, but he’s never had a scandal in 8 years.... 😂
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    LAX Terminal work gets Covid:

    Is it because of Pearson in 1984?
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    Can I cancel my car insurance?

    No. If it is time to renew the registration for a vehicle that you do not plan to use, you may place your vehicle on Planned Non-Operation (PNO) status. Vehicles with PNO status are not subject to suspension. If your vehicle is currently registered and you decide not to use it, you must...
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    03 Hallett 210 w/496 in Bakersfield CL

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    LAX Terminal work gets Covid:

    That’s a good thing. ;)
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    San Francisco Bag Ban

    you’re wrong, ticket issued no arrest needed. :)
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    San Francisco Bag Ban

    Screw that, I order from Instacart on the $9 a month plan. Never step foot into a market and get all the bags for free. I have so many of them, I use them as trash bags. Can’t beat it!
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    Where are they hiding the twins?

    fuck that pOS and his mother for producing such a worthless douchebag. You kill one of ours, we kill 100,000 of yours. This poor guy was held in this pOS Loveland during his watch. Increase the sanctions. If the people have no balls to overthrow their terrorists regime then they support them...
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    More Americans will most likely die than in WWI, Korean War and Vietnam War combined.

    When the guy upstairs it’s time to go, it’s time to go! You should be more concerned when people on lockdown run out of money and can’t purchase food and basic everyday necessities, the shit will hit the fan. Hot weather is right around the corner too. ;)
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    Soda blasting