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    Best method to cut down a boat windshield?

    I’m looking to cut my Daytona windshield down. Not really sure which would be the best tool to use. So I’m thinking a cut off wheel. If anyone has done this before, please let me know what ya used and how it turned out. Here is a pic of the windshield, you can see the blue tape marking the...
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    PUPS of RDP

    Post en up ! I have to admit. I love animals. All sorts in fact. But of all the animals out there Dogs have a special place in my heart. There is something about a good dog. They can put a smile on you face in the worst of times, and make the best of times even better. Their reaction...
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    Battery Mounting Location?

    Hey Gents, I’ve got a question concerning the best place to mount my batteries. When I purchased my 23 Daytona, the batteries were mounted appropriately 24”from the transom, in the forward most portion of the rear storage area. Is this the best place for them, or should they be back against the...
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    Cockroach Infestation at the River!

    This year has seen a major roach infestation at the river. Basically all of the roaches are escaping urban areas because there is very little to do ( SOCAL) and heading out to the land of the free. Be it state and federal parks or river campgrounds. As such........ they are now doing their...
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    Trim switches on throttle

    Does anyone know where I can purchase dual trim switches for offshore style throttles. I checked Rexmarin’s site. And they do not show them. below is an old pic of their sire of what I’m looking for.
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    23 Daytona Renovation.

    Well Gents. as some of you know, I picked up a 1988 23 Daytona in Florida last week. Today’s the day I started to do the renovations she needs for the summer. I’m not looking to do a complete restoration. This will be a lot simpler, and a much smaller scale than the Stress Eliminator...
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    23 Daytona windshield

    Alright Gents. I got the Daytona home and starting to looks at things it needs. The windshield on it is cracked and no bueno. So ..... here’s the dilemma . First. I do not like the up right angle , also it’s side profile is too short for my tastes. So. Is there another windshield...
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    Roadtrippin for a 23 Daytona

    What a week ! Hanging in Havasu all week with DS and now I’m heading to Florida to pick up a 23 Daytona. First stop will be in Phoenix to pick up a buddy. He’s still on the way home form Havasu, so we’re hitting the road tomorrow butt ass early. We’re red eyeing it all the way there. Then...
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    1971 Baja Bug

    SOLD SOLD SOLD. 71 Bug. Street registered.currently non op Short star, rancho 091 race box, 930’s, 3x3, disc brakes, PRP seats, Jaz fuel cell,king coil overs, Ron Davis rad, 12 over beam. Solid car. I broke the trans 5 years ago and parked it. What it needs: trans rebuilt, battery...
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    The Wife got her new boat!

    Well gang, after 21 years of owning her Ski Centurian, my beautiful wife decided to get a new one. What really did it was not being able to get all the kids and grandkids in one boat. We were looking all around the country for the right boat, and Malibu said they wouldn’t be able to...
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    Kawasaki SX 750

    Sold sold sold 1993 SX750 Stock motor premix ( for reliability ) intake grate impeller ride plate new battery trailer tote ( $700 new) cover RUNS PERFECT located near Yuma
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    23 Daytona on S&F

    Anyone know this Daytona for sale on scream and fly. I’m interested in it. Right now I’m trying to join so I can contact the seller, but still waiting on approval.
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    BEST Place to find a V-Drive

    So I’v been tossing around the idea of a cool vintage 60’-70’s vdrive. I dig that period of boats. I know they got fast and handled better as time progressed, but it would be about having a cool hot rod for the lower river. And I love the rounded profiles of that period. Other than here or...
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    Unofficial RDP MEETUP ??

    EDIT: It’s official. RDP member meetup Where: Oscars Brewing Company. ( OBC ). Temecula. When: 12/19/2020. Saturday. 2 Pm Oscarsbrewingcompany.com With the current shutdown, I know people are looking for not only places to go, but...
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    Gordon Murray T50

    If your a car guy you need to check out the new car from Gordon Murray Aumotive. The T 50. Gordon is the designer of the Maclaren F1 and may F1 cars over the years. He is truly an automotive genius. The specs on the car are V 12 NA, with 660 HP, under 2000 lbs, and a 12,400 rpm...
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    ANTIFA is now labeled as a domestic Terrorist group!

    The President has just now made this designation for the the ANTIFA group. It’s about time! This will open up the ability to investigate them fully.