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    hudsun mayor gives schoolboard choice!

    Sean Hannity declined a copy of Hunters hard drive after conferring with his lawyer. The lawyer said you could and most likely would be charged with child pornography. How is this any different?
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    Somebody Apparently Found Durham

    The lawyer is the dems sacrificial lamb. There are many more people who should be indicted including the Hildabeast!
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    Important vaccine info

    I used to own a boat that sounded a lot like Joe Biden. When I took it to the mechanic he said it wasn’t firing on all 8 cylinders.
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    Newsom's Recall

    I heard an interview with Rudy Giuliani where he said that when he was running for mayor his campaign manager told him he would have to have 10% more legitimate votes to offset the expected cheating by the dems.
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    Hey….. want to see a video of me being a Captain?

    We were tied up to the seawall by the park for two weeks on our boat a few years ago. The New River is one of my favorite destinations in Florida.
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    Are You Ready Boys?

    Aren’t you late for a date with the Grim Reaper you piece of shit.
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    How long before people realize the government(s) are killing us with the vaccine?

    When Grads finally strokes out will it be due to the vaccine or karma?
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    How long before people realize the government(s) are killing us with the vaccine?

    its not the meme you moron, It’s the way you present yourself in general. i have been around here for a while and have been able to bite my tongue and ignore your stupid comments, but when you come on here asking for positive thoughts and crying because you think you might die and when you cheat...
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    How long before people realize the government(s) are killing us with the vaccine?

    Can I take back the prayers I laid down for you when you were knocking on deaths door? I don’t see the supposed humor you claim to display in your stupid fucking replies and from what I have seen here you are probably one of the worse humans I have ever come across on a social internet site! I...
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    Coming in luke warm

    My experience with the Mexican Navy O.k. Back at it. Funny story. I can’t remember what port we were in in Mexico but as we were leaving a marina I saw what looked like a cool anchorage on the charts and asked the wife if she wanted to check it out, she said sure. So as we were pulling into a...
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    If This Doesn't Boil Your Blood . . .

    The Biden administration is buying fuel from the Taliban for the evac planes. i wouldn’t be surprised if he sent our troops back periodically to service the equipment he left behind.
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    Watch this

    Supposedly a big announcement at 7 central time
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    Watch this

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    Good Morning P&G!

    That’s what I call basking in stupidity!
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    He’s After Little Boys Now

    I was expecting this thread to be about Grads
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    Good Morning P&G!

    life would be so much easier if I was as dumb as you!
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    Forced Vaccination

    I would think that someone who was recently knocking on deaths door would not wish death on someone just because they don’t think like you do.
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    Truck Prices...WTF

    I recently bought a new dodge half ton. Out of curiosity I went on carvana website and entered my vin#, they offered me 3k more than what I paid for it new.