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    Flame arrestors

    New interior is going in along with a new engine hatch. I’m ditching the old upholstered built in scoop and am just going to have the carb and flame arrestor exposed through the hatch. I need to find a sweet looking flame arrestor now. Does anyone have any pics of ones they like or websites that...
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    Interior referral

    Can anyone recommend a place near me (Simi Valley CA). Full interior and a new hatch due to clearance issues with the new motor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How crappy is this thing?

    I’m upgrading my lines to braided and AN fittings. Should I dump this valve or keep it. If it’s junk what should I replace it with. It’s ugly as all sin too lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    22 Daytona

    I have a 94 22 Daytona. Does anyone know about what year that mold started and ended production? I’m looking for a cheap dust cover and none of the boat cover companies list my boat on their sites. They mostly list a 22 extreme for my year but I’m pretty sure that’s a v bottom. Called eliminator...
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    [WTS] Props for sale bravo 1 28 and 22

    28 inch bravo 1 RH. Excellent shape. No damage and hardly any run time. 9.5/10 $450 obo 22 inch bravo 1 RH. It’s in decent shape. It’s got plenty of mild use on it. Never hit anything and no dings just not super smooth on the edges due to normal wear and tear. Condition 7/10 $350 obo...
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    Leaky boat [emoji853]

    I’m out in havasu for the week and the boat is taking in a good amount of water. Think I found where it’s coming from. It seems to be coming from the drive at least I can see it streaming from the area I marked in the pic. Anyone have any ideas of what might be the cause? The only thing I can...
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    This thing should have a warning sticker

    Man what a nightmare. They should seriously have something on the outside of this thing like are you really really really sure you want to open this thing? Springs and ball bearings flying and falling out of this thing. Somehow found the last ball bearing that rolled down the driveway and into...
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    Looking for rental 7/15-7/19

    Looking for a place to stay in havasu next week. Anyone got something still available? 5 people with boat parking. Pet friendly would be a plus so would a pool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shop referral

    Any decent boat shops in the Simi Valley area? Looking to have my bravo drive serviced Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    [WTS] Free junk

    I’m assuming this stuff is worthless but thought I would post some pics just in case anyone has need if not it’s going to the scrapper. Most of the stuff is from a merc 454. I have both sides of the exhaust but just took a pic of the one side. The risers are stainless steel and resurfaced. I...
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    Prop question

    I just put in a new motor and looking for some advice on what size prop to buy. I’m running a 22 Daytona and motor is low 500 hp with a bravo one stock drive 1.5 gears. I would like to stick with a bravo 1 prop. I was thinking somewhere in the 26-28 inch range but I’m no expert. Sent from my...
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    [WTB] WTB bravo 1 prop

    Looking for a 26 or 28 inch bravo 1 prop let me know thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fuel pump capacity

    Just replaced my stock motor and I’m wondering if the stock belt driven mechanical fuel pump will be sufficient for the new motor or if I need to replace it. It’s from a 98 454 merc 300 hp and I put in a 500ish hp carb motor. If I should replace it will just any after market mechanical pump work...
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    Distributor clearance

    So I just dropped a new motor in my boat and the distributor cap is hitting the engine hatch [emoji853] does anyone know if their is a shorter distributor cap available for the msd billet distributor. I see they sell crab style caps on the website but I think they only work on one specific...
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    [WTB] WTB msd box

    Anyone got an MSD ignition box for sale? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    [WTB] Looking to buy BBC valve covers

    Looking for a set of angled valve covers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB mild big block

    Looking for a complete or close to complete big block chevy. Toasted my motor and it wasn't worth salvaging so looking to start new. Stock exhaust and drive so looking for something I can drop in without having to make any big upgrades to handle the power. Don't mind doing a little work on...