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    Pancreatic Tumor Experience

    Well not looking for sympathy but maybe someone with experience to pick their brain. Found out i got a good size tumor on my pancreas. Have had Biopsy done and they are unable to rule out cancer at this point. Oncologist has decided to go in and remove half of the pancreas and all of my...
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    07 Ragen 3405 Falcon repairs

    Looking to sell my 07 Ragen and wanted to find an honest shop I could take it in the inland empire area to get an honest inspection for any issues. I don't like selling anything with problems. Any recommendations would be great. I think the front cap may need some repairs prior to selling it.
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    Garage door repair

    My overhead spring on my double car roll up garage door spring broke today. Watched a few you tube videos and doesn't seem like rocket science to replace but the door and opener are almost 20 years old and thinking of just replacing everything. Has anyone used a garage door company near Chino...
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    Help with golf cart value

    Looking to sell my 04 36 volt cart. Listed it on Craigslist for 3800 and my phone has been blowing up with full price offers. I thought I was in the ball park but was curious what you guys thought. Batteries are 2 years old and it needs tires.
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    Mobile Home Loans

    Does anyone know if their is a lender who finance loans on park models in the islander?
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    Recommended service for a playcraft I/O

    Need my play craft triton serviced for the season. I have used Shimmer in the past just because of his familiarity with being a prior distributer of the boats. I know some shops don't like to service them because it is a pain in the neck getting in the engine compartment being confined. Who...
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    Pool Remodel cost......

    Looking at redoing pool a little. We want to change tile and re-plaster maybe even change to pebble. Does anyone have experience in the Chino Ca. area. wondering ball park what we are looking at cost wise.
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    Flooring recommendation near Chino Ca

    Looking at replacing flooring. Probably do a wood style laminate down stairs maybe 2000 square feet and carpet up like 1500 square feet. anyone recommend a flooring shop in the area? Thanks....
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    Pontoon Remodeling??

    I am looking to replace my 2007 Playcraft carpet with the new rubber flooring the new toons have. Saw the pontoon remodeling company in Havasu and was wondering if anyone has used them or if anyone had used anyone in town to replace flooring on their toon. thanks
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    Refi Reference in the IE

    Looking to Refi in the Chino area. Can anyone recommend anyone good.
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    Auto Insurance Crap.....

    So the wife was rearranged Thursday night sitting at a red light on Foothill and Haven in Rancho. It was dark and she was a little shaken up so the light went to green and she pulled into a parking lot with surprisingly nobody following her. No witnesses or second vehicle. File a claim with...
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    What to do tonight

    solo in Havasu. Headed home in the morning. Family took off this afternoon. Any ideas for a Sunday night.
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    Happening this weekend Oct 11th

    Anyone know whats going on this weekend at the lake. Just booked a spot at the Islander for the weekend and they are almost booked. Nautical is sold out as well. Was looking for a typical October weekend (nice and quiet) on the lake with the family getting away from work for a few days.
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    Havasu Rental October

    Looking for a Havasu rental the second weekend of October. Friday thru Monday 11th-14th. 8 people including kids.....
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    VIP Storage Info

    Looking at storing at VIP. Does anyone have experience there, good or bad????
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    RDP Merch...

    Hey Dave, when are the new cups going to be available?
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    looking for havasu boat storage

    I am looking for storage in Havasu for a 24 foot tritoon. 33 feet on the trailer. any leads would be great. thanks