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    Biden comes to Long Beach

    Air Force One just flew by my house in route to LB airport. I was the only one to watch the plane go by on my block. What happened to the 80 million voters. I did flip Biden off as the plane flew over! Newsom needs all the support he can get since he can’t justify his own merits.
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    Burley circle races

    Idaho Regatta this weekend in Burley this weekend. Who’s going?
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    Barstow Del Taco Closed

    Friend of mine stopped at the Route 66 Del Taco yesterday and it was closed. He said it looked closed for good. Don’t know about the other two Barstow location. I know the original owner owned all three Barstow locations at one time.
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    Pier to Pier tube race

    Pier to pier tube race 8:00 am. Queen Mary to Belmont Pier. Should be fun!