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    Good morning Inmates Sunday’s Honey

    MY MY MY
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    What’s your favorite Tom Clancy book / movie / show?

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    Classless Assholes Today

    put a C in front of rap what do you got CRAP
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    RD SUX

    got one on work truck, river truck , launch truck
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    Pirate Cove: Flexible Pricing or ..., What's Going On?

    look up code on sign see if legit
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    500 stroker

    leak down would be better/ you could hear in breather if rings washed out
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    Food In Havasu - Dave's opinions

    same place
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    Food In Havasu - Dave's opinions

    was a BOB's bigboy before that
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    paging Tank?????????? Cig question

    if it not cigarette then what is it?
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    460 ford

    new/crate 460 ford not reman 1987 to1997 3000.00 obo ph 2132481589 pomona
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    A frame in havasu

    no problem
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    A frame in havasu

    how tall? i got one be there on sat
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    Fuel cooler

    i say do it ain't going to hurt anything
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    1978 Jeep CJ7 (fresh motor)

    dont know the gears but show the progress please
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    1978 Jeep CJ7 (fresh motor)

    enjoy it and have a good time with it thank you [the boomer] old guy
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    Scuba diving around the island by site 6

    timex take a lickin keep on tickin
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    new 460 ford

    i have new /crate 460 ford 1987 to 1997 for sale not rebuilt 3000.00 ph 213 2481589 pomona cal
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    Vintage Hallett Regatta Shirt

    yep i was there also
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    Dave Johnson: Mobile Machinist

    i think that was anderson son in law (maybe)
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    Dave Johnson: Mobile Machinist

    that was old man anderson he would pull up in an old corvair tool in front