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    Which rims..

    ..for the boat trailer? #1 #2
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    Looking for a motor

    My buddy is looking to re-power his pontoon. Currently has a low hour '08 Merc 60hp 4s Bigfoot. Looking for a mid-90s 115 2 stroke. His current motor is worth more than the 2 stroke so he's looking for some one that has one to make a trade. Maybe some one who has a shop or knows of a shop that...
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    Motor Compatibility

    What is the compatibility (controls, wire harness etc.) between different years and HP of Mercury outboards? Have a '08 60hp Bigfoot 4 stroke. Would like to upgrade to a higher HP (90-115) 2 stroke, and probably a few years older than what I have. Would like to leave all the controls in place...
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    Old Gas

    I going to drain the old gas out of the boat tanks and was wondering what the best way to use it is. Gas is about one year old. Probably going to be about 5-7 gallons total. Last time I did this I put in the truck (04 Sierra HD, 6.0), didn't seem to bother it. Can I put stabilizers in it after...
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    Accident on the 95

    Sitting in line on the 95 a few miles south of the 40. DPS running traffic in turns around what I hear was a rollover on the 95. Fun times! Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
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    Havasu rental

    Looking for a drive away car dolly rental in Havasu. Anyone know where to find one?
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    http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/blog/33893/bottlenose+dolphin+falls+under+attack+by+naughty+octopus/ Jumping dolphin: "AHH, AHH, GE IT OFF ME MAN. GET IT OFF ME!!" His jack ass dolphin friends: Laughing their asses off!
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    Ford tune up

    Any one know of a good place to take my Ford van chassis RV for a pre river trip tune-up/oil change? Riverside area.
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    Where to stay in Parker

    So this year we're tying something new. We picked up a motorhome in the spring and are planning to tow the boat with it and camp at the river this summer. Since we've never done this before (usually stayed at the casino or other hotels in town) I wanted to ask other member's...
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    Just heard on the radio that someone lost a boat on the 15 south at fourth street in R.C. Anyone hear about this, seen it, have pics? Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
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    River bound

    East bound and down. Parker here we come! Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
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    Little delay

    Well I should've been east bound and down pretty soon on our to Parker, but I'm standing next to my train in El Monte waiting to talk to the detective after we hit and killed a pedestrian. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
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    You be....

    WALK'N! Saw this repo-man's tow truck vanity plate driving home from work. :skull
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    Cold toilet seat at work. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
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    #%@%*-$ U-verse

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    Can't post w TapaTalk! WTH? Keep getting Unknown error #1
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    Holy shiat this is funny!

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    Heading out!

    Packing up the family, heading out to Parker.
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    Labor Day-Parker roll call.

    Who from the boards will be out for Labor day?
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    MLS listing

    Does anyone have a link to Arkansas MLS listings?