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  1. racetrash

    Parker fire

    Maybe the county will finally clear that shithole out. Hate driving by it. Dont think Al really needs the cash.
  2. racetrash

    Parker fire

    Yesterday morning around 4 am, there was a fire in the trailer park next to the Sand Bar on 95/Riverside drive. At least 3 trailers gone and one fatality. Sad deal.
  3. racetrash

    Cooler Weather Camping and SxS Spots

    Johnson Valley
  4. racetrash

    Looking for VW off-road wheels and tires.

    I have 4 wide 5 black spoke rims new in the box, 15 x 4 i think. Bought for a class 9 car.
  5. racetrash

    Psyco woman is this Covid or ? video

    Black Lives Matter
  6. racetrash

    Can I register my cars and toys in AZ???

    Until you are fully residing in AZ, meaning house, drivers license, paying state taxes...ca will hit you hard. AZ truck pulling a ca trailer..no go. Better have Az residence.
  7. racetrash

    Ham Radio

  8. racetrash

    Armed on the river

    Legalities of having a gun on your boat on the Parker strip ? Az resident, just wondering because half Az, half Ca.
  9. racetrash

    Hot as balls

    Im sure the crit team will get right on it...ya right
  10. racetrash

    My summer Bar/shower project.

    Roadraper cups on the bar!!
  11. racetrash

    Freedom Week Sale! - Trader Tim's Tie Downs

    Thanks RD, Just what i need. Gots a 2 inch kit coming.
  12. racetrash

    Vaccines coming to your door?

    So let me get this right. They are going to come to my place in the desert, and want to trade vax for green tip 556. Okie Dokie
  13. racetrash

    Who knows about barndemineums (sp?)

    They just did 2 bid barno miniums down the street from us above the sandbar. impressive build times...fast
  14. racetrash

    Drs in Havasu

    Thanks, talked to them this am. As a new patient, they can get me in Oct. Trying a place in Parker the 15th, but will fill out the stuff for Havasu.
  15. racetrash

    Drs in Havasu

    Looking for a primary care doc in Havasu, We are in Parker, not much there. Pete
  16. racetrash

    Grandsons first river / lake trip

    Pure America!!
  17. racetrash

    Football is Gay

    If it aint got a motor in it, is it a sport??
  18. racetrash

    Parker - Verde West Property

    We looked at that property last time it was 4 sale. Too many rules there for us. Nice place though!
  19. racetrash

    Havasu eats

    We went to Blue Chair, great fish and chips! Thanks for the tip.