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  1. RiverDave

    Fun Video I made for TRDP

    Let me know your thoughts.. lol
  2. RiverDave

    Cheetah Shop tour and 22 / 26 wildcat photo shoots!

    There has been a ton of cheetah talk on here lately so I got together with Kevin and the guys and went down to take a factory tour and we took 2 26 wildcats out and the new 22. These are the pics and the stories / reviews of the day. I haven’t been in the main office in years but they...
  3. RiverDave

    How you can tell Dems are in office

  4. RiverDave

    One bad ass Howard SDS

    With a Teague 10 fitty! Getting ready to go run it with Mike Moralez
  5. RiverDave

    Powerful - and deletes the argument

    Reading this pretty much obliterates the argument for removing civil war monuments for either side. It takes greater men to reconciliate.. ——— On September 19, 1889, over 10,000 veterans, blue and gray, gathered in Crawfish Springs, Georgia, for a grand barbecue/reunion in commemoration of...
  6. RiverDave

    The site is back up but having problems. Trying

    I am trying to get it sorted by tomorrow. I am aware of the slow upload speeds, the login problem.. and overall “glitches”.. if something major is going on I don’t know about please let me know.
  7. RiverDave

    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    Here we come! Left Havasu about 50 minutes ago in the Pilatus and just landed in OC! DCB and crew was making their run to Pirates as we were leaving.
  8. RiverDave

    So sick…. Vegas

    Walked up to the first slot machine and three pulls later.. Played a couple hands and ended up at 725 Cashed it in because you can’t lose what ya don’t play..
  9. RiverDave

    Harley Seadoos - Anyone know who owns them?

    A friend of mine is trying to track down who owns these. They are wondering if the owners would be up to letting them use or rent them for a music video that is going to be filmed here in LHC in the future. Anyone know who owns them? I used to seem them all the time here..
  10. RiverDave

    Halletts in Havasu interview with Hammer

    Let me know what you think!
  11. RiverDave

    Thread with regard to Chris

    I had been told by quite a few people there was another incident.. and obviously having gone way out of my way to a point where I stuck my neck out a couple times I blew a gasket. The photo from the fb page that was posted is apparently him checking into jail for a couple days which was part...
  12. RiverDave

    New AZ offroad law for visitors

    That’s not very nice… 🤨👀
  13. RiverDave

    Let’s Roll - 9/11

    Like so many others I remember exactly where I was and remember watching the second tower get hit! I watched some of the documentaries last night and so heartbreaking! This guy stood out to me ❤️ Even more devastating is the terrorists that did this 20 years ago are now in the US Embassy in...
  14. RiverDave

    Thread about shirts

    There was a thread about shirts recently and a GC said he had a brand that was pretty inexpensive, we’re cut right and he was getting 50-60 uses out of them.. I am always on the look out to try different mfg’s of shirts looking for a “decent” shirt in today’s ever changing market.. I can’t...
  15. RiverDave

    Schedule of Regattas coming up?

    This weekend is Halletts in Havasu and Nordic fb groups.. Anyone know all the other ones coming up and dates?
  16. RiverDave

    I look at this everyday

    I know the owner and he wants me to buy it to keep it in the family so to speak.. My wife would shoot me if I spend anymore money this year on toys.. Someone buy this thing so I don’t have to look at it anymore http://www.campbellboatowners.org/1965-wood-deck-campbell/
  17. RiverDave

    Clearance motor mounts for Damon

    Nothing special.. the way the mounts go into his boat with twins they need a ton of clearance. Banged out four of them real quick tonight.. doing a spacer / adapter for a steering wheel tomorrow.
  18. RiverDave

    Eliminator 33X walk through (tour)

  19. RiverDave

    Labor Day Hotness

    rdp bikinis in stock btw!
  20. RiverDave

    This house is rad..

    I wish the garage was a little bigger, but if I was gonna buy a house this is about what I would want it to look like inside and out.. it’s gorgeous https://my.flexmls.com/stacyjohnson1/search/shared_links/5ZAJD/listings/20210827233059205369000000 https://www.therdpteam.com/property/1017936/...