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  1. MissB

    2018 Kawasaki KX250f

    This is my son's 2018 KX250f that he doesn't have time for anymore (fire academy). Bike has 4 desert trips, and about 8 trips to the track. Original owner, well maintained. Has a Thrill Seekers seat cover. Located in San Diego $5,500
  2. MissB

    Solo Stove Yukon Fire pit

    They make different sizes, wondering if anyone has one, and if they like. Thinking about getting one, for my small back yard space. I live in San Diego, so backyard fires aren't really necessary for keeping warm, however i'd like to add one for ambiance... LOL or maybe I just think it's cute...
  3. MissB

    Where to buy.....

    Ok, super irritated.. I ALWAYS have a huge supply of Lysol products on hand: cleaners, laundry sanitizes, wipes, etc... So when this virus broke out, I did not need anything. Fast forward, almost a month, I now am getting low on stuff... I need a fresh supply of wipes, laundry stuff, and...
  4. MissB

    RDP Sighting -SB i15

    shitty pic, big ol Nordic sticker, and a dark blue RDP barely visible... but "I see you!" :D
  5. MissB

    oh Fuc....

    https://twitter.com/avioesemusicas/status/1161381852063707137?s=21 Piece of cake :eek:
  6. MissB

    Rick-rolled... Foo style

    https://youtu.be/APmoU74ZsG4 :missb:
  7. MissB

    Question - Carry on baggage - Small fishing lures

    Has anyone ever carried on a small fly fishing box, with a few flies in it. My son is flying to SLC on Thursday and wants to bring his fly lure kit, and a few flies he tied. Can he carry this on? thanks
  8. MissB

    Question regarding speeding ticket on the way to Havasu

    Yep I got one. Boo hoo. :rolleyes I have the ticket it says I need to appear in court, which is like a 3 hour drive from my house. Can I pay it through the mail? I''m gonna do traffic school so it doesn't show on my record. Any idea how to get out of going? Thanks I'm sure this has...
  9. MissB

    Heineken | Worlds Apart

    I thought this was cool and it involves beer :) https://youtu.be/8wYXw4K0A3g
  10. MissB

    Can anyone run a carfax for me?

    Found a car for my son, private seller. Pm me, Thanks!!
  11. MissB

    Question regarding salvage title

    long story short: 2002 Jeep Liberty 4x4, 43k miles, hydroplaned, got whacked in the front drivers side (left) end damaging the front left suspension. Insurance adjuster called me and told me that because the suspension will have to be all new, and jeep parts, it will cost more that the value of...
  12. MissB

    What is the orgin of your 'Screen Name"?

    Sometimes I see screen names and think about where or how that person came up with that name. Some are pretty self explanatory, others are like WTMFA? :D So, what is the evolution of your screen name? My first name is hard to pronounce, it's spelled wonky, and looks foreign. So my friends...
  13. MissB

    2015 LOTO Highlights

    https://youtu.be/EeMIo0Iff6A Enjoy :missb:
  14. MissB

    NGANGA.... hmpf...

    My son is driving, Lance Armstrong wanna be + Unskilled Palm Tree Truck Driver + No shoulder +no bike lane. The guy in the green truck crosses the double yellow on a BLIND corner and almost has a head on with the white truck.... all the while Lance Jr holding line..... :rolleyes
  15. MissB

    I won a Traeger, and I'm doing Brisket for Mom's day!!!

    Did I tell you guys I won a Traeger Grill? Yep, signed up for their monthly $500 gift card, got lucky and I'm now a grill/smoke queen! So I've been doing the basics: pork chops, chicken breast, pizzas. For Mother's Day I wanted to do something a bit bigger, so we decided a brisket. Choice cut...
  16. MissB

    McRaft Up 2014

    Few pics I took, I put them on FB but I know there were people there that I'm not connected with on FB so here you go! Had an amazing time! Awesome turn out, met so many new faces, Norma and MCRibby were such gracious hosts, and Headshot and his lovely give one hell of a boat ride! Can't wait...
  17. MissB

    Gilbert / AZ Peeps suggestions

    I have to be in Gilbert Az in May. I belong to the the Hyatt, there is a Hyatt in Gilbert and in Phoenix. I've never been, looking for the good, bad, and ugly on either? It's just for a night. Thanks :)
  18. MissB

    8 Beers that you should stop drinking

    I knew I liked craft beer for a reason!! About the only beer on this list I will drink is CL, maybe a Guinness, enjoy :missb: worldtruth.tv/8-beers-that-you-should-stop-drinking-immediately/
  19. MissB

    iMac help/suggestions

    iMac hard drive died. Took it to a local computer guy he said it needs new hard drive, os, and can back up data for $290. My thought was why not back up to an external hard drive/storage. Does this open the storage/memory on the computer? Thanks
  20. MissB

    RD SUX Sighting SAN MARCOS?

    Huge lab hanging out the window! :D Who? :missB: