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  1. spotondl

    [WTS] Dodger Tix field level behind home plate 5/11/19

    Have 4 tickets for Tonights’s game against the Washington Nationals plus parking. $800 face value, I’ll take $300 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. spotondl

    School me re driving DOT vehicle

    May be working an event in Montana next month and it has been suggested I drive a mobile TV truck up & back. This truck is basically a box truck, DOT registered & based on a GM 5500 chassis. Is it legal to drive on a basic AZ license? Do I need to stop at scales? Maintain a log? Etc? Not...
  3. spotondl

    Serious auto hardware Pebble Beach Concourse

    Short walk on the fairway... Some amazing auto's here on the 18th hole. Can watch live on MoterTrend YouTube channel.
  4. spotondl

    So I'm in Philly working....

  5. spotondl

    Southern Oregon Peeps

    Long shot here but a buddy of mine is looking to buy a running Model T in Oregon on July 12. If he decides that he wants to buy this are there any RDP'rs that have some space to move it to for a couple of weeks while he/I arrange to transport it back to SoCal? Grants Pass, Medford, Ashland...
  6. spotondl

    RDP Express - Santa Clarita to Needles or Parker

    I have a "ski" for Bildo that Uncle AJ is giving and it needs a ride from Santa Clarita to Needles this weekend. Anybody headed that route? Hammer, Cale, Ritchie???
  7. spotondl

    66 Chevelle electric recommendation - LBC or OC

    Looking for auto electric shop recommendations for a rewire of a 66 Chevelle. Needs some of the original harness gone through and some new circuits for factory power windows & factory quadrophonic stereo... Basically it's a built up car, not numbers matching or anything, but all of the...
  8. spotondl

    RDP Express Phoenix to Santa Clarita or thereabouts...

    Anyone making the trip from Phoenix to Santa Clarita area or Phoenix, Parker/Havasu, Santa Clarita area relay? Bought LuckyStrike's LS paddleboard but it's in Phoenix. He is in Phoenix now and most of next week. If someone can pick it up there I'd be happy to meet someone someplace along the...
  9. spotondl

    Rush tickets???

    I know it's very last minute but I'm looking for 2 tickets for tomorrow night at the forum. Thought I'd try here before the scalpers. Rush is very important to my GF and being there tomorrow might just make her year. Thanks.
  10. spotondl

    3D printed car to debut at Detroit Auto Show.

    Pretty cool booth here at the show. They are printing the actual car that they will be running later in the show.
  11. spotondl

    Had to take these pics for McRib...

    McRib approved?
  12. spotondl

    And yet they get a vote...

    http://m.theweek.com/speedreads/index/268448/speedreads-nearly-two-thirds-of-americans-cant-name-all-three-branches-of-government Nearly two-thirds of Americans can't name all three branches of government SEPTEMBER 19, 2014 Wednesday was Constitution Day, but many Americans need to brush up on...
  13. spotondl

    Beer powered Jetlopnic - WTH???

  14. spotondl

    Phoenix peeps, peoria lunch recommendation?

    Any great lunch locations in the Peoria area. In town today through Monday for the Cardinals game. Playing Cincinnati.
  15. spotondl

    Can't believe this isn't headline news...

    http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/01/world/email-suggests-white-house-strategy-on-benghazi.html?_r=1 WASHINGTON ? A newly released email shows that White House officials sought to shape the way Susan E. Rice, then the ambassador to the United Nations, discussed the Middle East chaos that was the...
  16. spotondl

    Some of my RDP raftup photos...

  17. spotondl

    RDP Braintrust - Above ground pool questions???

    Found a used, 18 foot, 6500 gallon, above ground pool with all the accoutrements for a great deal on Craigslist and set it up yesterday in the back yard. I live in LA County on a 3 acre corner lot, most of it hillside, all of the usable lot is enclosed by a block wall along the streets & chain...
  18. spotondl

    Cutter Stainless 4 blade prop 13x13.5

    Been sitting in my garage now for years. Excellent condition... I have no use for it. Left hand rotation 1 inch tapered shaft Cupped Trade for something interesting or $250 plus the ride.
  19. spotondl

    WTS - Sony STR-DG5800ES home A/V receiver.

    Worked a strange job last week. Sony guy couldn't pay me money but offered me a couple top of the line Sony STR-DG5800ES home A/V receivers in trade. I'm going to use one to replace my current, and I have another one to sell. Will put up more information & pic of a sealed box when I can...
  20. spotondl

    Video drone delivers beer & the FAA gets involved...

    Hope Vin isn't watching but here is a great story about the use of drones, video and FAA restrictions on the use of said drones... https://www.yahoo.com/food/drone-beer-delivery-to-ice-fishermen-here-is-a-74966526266.html http://vimeo.com/85039030#at=0