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    Picking up the new float

    Figured I'd document the story or my trip for the inmates. As some of you know. I love me some glitter boats, bass boats are my dirty little secret. Last year I sold my beloved skeeter fx20 due having a baby. Well, a year has past and its time to get another. We still have the formula for the...

    U ship advice

    Question for those in the know, im shipping a boat from Texas to havasu next week. I have found a shipper and they claim they are insured and hood to go on the DOT pprwrk. My question is about the supplemental insurance u ship offers, supplemental insurance is $250 when the transport is only...

    Question for the east Texas fellas

    This afternoon I sent off a deposit check for a boat in magnolia Texas. My plan was to make the run from southern California to Texas via the 10. It shows 1900 miles one way, anybody have advice for the trip? Google maps shows it to be around 22hrs but I have a feeling the traffic in the major...

    2019 silverado Z71 4WD RST

    Well after seeing the truck sit for the past few months, it's time to let her go... 2019 silverado c/c s/b, 4wd, 5.3ltr. RST package. Z71 package, navigation, bucket seats, power slider rear window, parking assist, and lane change sensors. Truck is lowered 5/5 with INEZ hotrods tabular...

    New RDP contest for next year's raft up?

    Lol, I don't know how I stumbled across this so don't ask!!! I had no idea this was even a thing! Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk

    Douglas wheels

    Anybody have a connection for Douglas wheels? I have a set of 3 pc beadlocks I need 2 barrels and rings for. I looked their contact up online and it shows permanently closed. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk

    Who is the go to guy for a boat drone shot?

    I have a buddy coming into town next week who is staying at the nautical. He wants to get a running shot of his boat with his family on board. He initially had a helicopter lined up and I was going to fly with him to take the shots but that idea is not going over too well with the wife. Little...

    110k plus for an overgrown PWC?!?!

    https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2022-scarab-255-id-7890445/ Pardon my ignorance as I don't know much about these new scarabs with the Rotax motors, but 110k plus for this I'm not seeing it. New custom builds from west coast builders aren't much more and have better resale. Anybody know...

    Memorial weekend picture thread

    Figure I'll start... Wife has to work so me and my son are headed to havasu for a little father son time. Stopped for food and now eastbound and down Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk

    Good to see good business...

    Finally decided it was time for wheels on the dually and opted for a set of DDC wheels. I have to say Blake is a stand up guy, he follows through with what is promised and isn't afraid to show his true character. Anymore it seems like business are afraid to show any opinion for fear of...

    2015 Yamaha FZ09

    Bought this from a coworker to have as a weekend toy... Wife has different plans... 2015 Yamaha FZ09, 4383 miles, never dropped, fender eliminator, bar end mirrors, aftermarket turn signals, fresh oil change, and new tires. I got the bike from the original owner so the history on the bike is...

    Any LML gurus on here?

    Been kicking around the idea of selling my 1/2 ton and getting back into a dually. I found a real nice lml but I know they have the cp4 pump issues. Shopping around looks like 5k for the retro fit and lift pump add. Anybody with experience with this? From what I read the truck is damn near...

    2003 CR125

    I think it's time to let this one go, I built the bike 6 years ago and have only ridden it a handful of time. The bike spent most of its life up on display in my house. Motor was built by Mike at protec and only has one ride on it, frame is polished, all the billet trinkets (reservoir caps, tank...

    Anybody know where to get custom CV axles

    Well I wondered how long it would last... I have a new z71 silverado that I did a 5/5 drop kit on. Inez hot rods upper/lower arm with belltech spindles. I knew I was pushing the limits of my cv length and Monday she decided enough was enough. I checked my angles and I'm only at 29* so I'm good...

    Well someone just scored a get out of jail free card!

    Last night I was finally able to do something I have wanted to do for awhile. My wife just turned 30, she works full time as a paramedic, goes to school full time in an accelerated bachelor program and is one hell of a mother. She was shaken up after being hit last week in a 2500 diesel and...

    Need some advise

    This week has been a rough week for vehicles in my household... Monday I ended up in the back of a lexus after a young girl decided to cross a double yellow to get to a Starbucks, car in front of me locked it up and I ended up in the back of him. No worries, no injury, core support and vitals...

    Anybody know this boat?

    My buddy is looking at getting a small toy for havasu, he sent me a link to this... Holy crap, 45k for a small block 17 year old ultra!!! Im I out of line or have boat prices gone this f#@kin nuts?!?! That boat was 28k new!!! Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk

    Hydro meme

    There was a meme that popped up here a few weeks ago with 2 grey haired guys hanging it all out on a hydro, i want to get my hands on a copy, anybody know where that one is? I tried to search for it but haven't had any luck Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk

    Eastbound and down

    Got my little copilot loaded up and we are headed to havasu to drop off my buddy's new to him squirt boat. This will be a nice little fun trip. My buddy hasn't even seen the boat yet. Its a 79 charger with a warmed over 460. Newer restoration and fresh interior. I just did new wheels bearings...

    Factory 18" Z71 take offs

    Bought a new truck in December, drove from Phoenix to vegas and back to temecula before i pulled them off. Wheels are new and don't have any curb rash or marks on the wheels. The tires don't have any plugs or leaks. Sensors have been pulled out of the wheels as well, and date codes are all after...