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    Must do’s in Nashville?

    So the family and I are here in Nashville for a few days as we are on our way to Florida. What are some must do/eats while we are here? My youngest is 13 so we need to keep that in mind. The kids are really into all genres of music, but don’t know of a solid kid friendly Honky Tonk.
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    Interstate Batteries EFB???

    Anyone tried the EFB batteries from interstate? They are extremely appealing to me because they have a 2 year full replacement warranty which for a marine battery anymore is non existent. I used to buy batteries every 5 years maybe, then it went to 2, and now it seems if I can get a full season...
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    Why You Don’t Do Drugs....

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    7.3 PSD Phoenix GURU??

    Who is the “Trenton” of 7.3’s in the Phoenix area? My sister has a cream puff 01 that has a glow plug issue.
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    Kids 1st car....

    So I’m on the hunt for my daughter’s 1st car. I am so over looking at Craigslist junk and peoples idea of good condition. It amazes me how I ask very specific questions as to what the car’s condition is, yet when I show up I can literally drive by and not even get out to look. I hate when people...
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    Jesse James Culinary

    So I’ve been looking for a new set of knives the further aid my bbq passion when I came across the Jesse James Culinary knife set. My 1st thought was holy shit the quality and workmanship are extremely impressive as anything with his name on it is... Then I saw the price tag of $6k and 4-6...
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    So I was at the Ford dealer today...

    I had to pick up a fan clutch for my daughters Expedition and walked by a 2019 F150 Lariet SuperSnake.... Who the fuck would drop that kind of cabbage on a pick up?? Let alone a 1/2 ton gasser.Is the value of a dollar really that bad?
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    Super Duty Tonneau Cover

    Tonno Pro tonneau cover for Ford Super Duty fits 8’ long bed. This is a trifold cover that is a no drill installation and requires no tools whatsoever to install and installs in less than 5 minutes with one person. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it at all, I’m just going a different...
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    110 Gallon Weather Guard Fuel Transfer Tank

    110 gallon weather guard transfer tank/ Slip Tank with a GPI 25 gallon per minute fuel pump and 50’ of hose. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and it works perfectly. The only reason I am selling is I changed directions and no longer need it. I can test it in front of you to prove it...
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    Could be the coolest pic ever...

    I found this earlier tonight... This takes bad ass to a new level!!
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    Hand forged kitchen knives...

    Anyone have any? If so what brand and what are your thoughts?
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    School me on Diesel pushers..

    With the stage our family is in now I’m think I’m going get rid of the toy haulers and step into a pusher. Right now I’m really leaning towards Cummins vs Cat with an Alison. Brains and budget keeps me far away from new and I’m wanting to stay somewhere between $50-80k, something in the 40’...
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    Portable Battery Jump Starter Pack???

    So I’m working in North Dakota for the next few months and it’s already snowed twice and temps are REALLY fucking cold. The hotel I’m staying at doesn’t have a source to plug the block heater in at night and the old 7.3PSD doesn’t like to start easy when it’s 20* out. I have good Exide batteries...
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    18 Years Tomorrow.... Never Forget!!

    It’s hard to believe it has been 18 years... I still remember exactly what intersection I was at on my way to work when the news came in that American Airlines flight 11 hit the north tower like it was yesterday. I remember the days following not seeing one plane in the sky unless it was an F16...
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    So who’s the Tamalewagon for AZ?

    We are looking to do a refi on our house and drop it down to a 15 year. Our current mortgage company is apparently too busy to help us... So who is the go to in AZ?
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    So who else got a DM from GibsonLP???

    Some ass hat sends me a DM asking me if I will call him as he has a question for me offline.... My answer is simple.... fuck all the way off and eat a bag of dicks too!! Anyone else get this same BS?
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    2010 28’ South Bay Trifecta Rear Lounger Tritton

    2010 South Bay Trifecta 928SLTT This was the South Bay’s top of the line boat when built and is a very hard to find model that has the biggest rear lounge area of any Pontoon/Tritton manufacturer out there. This layout is a huge contributing factor to the ride quality. My previous boat was a...
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    Prop Shop in Havasu

    Anyone know of any shops that do a loaner type program so to speak in Havasu? Pay for the prop to test bring it back and exchange if it’s not the one type of deal. I have a Volvo Penta dual prop and trail by error on a $1700 set of props can add up in a hurry if it’s not the one.
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    Parker Insight

    So at the end of next week the family and I will be doing our annual 10 day vacation in Havasu. I’ve been doing this same trip for 26 years now and I have only been to Parker twice. This year we are going to mix it up a bit and make our way down to the strip for a few days. What are the must do...
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    Gun law on Havasu?

    So being the lake itself is dual LEO enforcement. If I reside in AZ and my gun is registered to me in AZ what law applies? Can I carry in the boat stored on the water legally?