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    Sept. 5th Boat Parade

    Hey all RDP I’m pushing for a remberance boat parade on Sunday 09/05. Starting in the channel at 13:00 (1pm) Nick from Niko’s, has committed to buying 13 flags. We need to recruit 13 flag holders on the London bridge for the parade. I’ll be one of them. If you know any honor guards that can...
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    LHC Storage Unit for sale

    I hope it’s ok to put this here... My good friend is selling their Storage Unit in Havasu. It’s on Kiowa N, up the street from Rusty’s Diner. Super Storage Complex 1940 Kiowa Gated, security, RV dump, air conditioned bathroom and shower facility 35 deep 13 wide 14 tall Asking $38,500. Sorry...
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    Dave Hemmingson Leaves DCB??!

    I just heard yesterday that Dave has left DCB two weeks ago, and is planning to start another boat company... Can anyone here confirm this?!!
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    Can I hitch a ride??

    Hey rdp'ers, just wondering if anyone is going to Havasu from OC tmrw by chance... I need a ride back home from mission viejo tmrw. I would really appreciate a ride if anyone was heading that way. I would be honored to pitch in some money for fuel and gladly buy you a case of your favorite...
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    Wren Cove

    Took a little hike to Wren Cove today... Pretty damn nice. Always just drive by it. Who knew?
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    Havasu Preadator Alert!!

    Today at 11:30am in the Hobby Lobby parking lot on the North side, this asshole cornered and tried to lure my wife while he was laying underneath my truck as if he was attempting to plant some sort of gps tracking device. She quickly got out of there and is unharmed, however shaken up...
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    Need help asap!

    I need the name of that shop in Havasu to repair my Honda Civic!!
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    Stand-Up Jetski help

    I'm buying a standup jetski. I was all hot on a older Kawasaki 550 or 650, then I start seeing these Yamaha Super jets... What's the deal with them? The older 1991 super jets are going for $2,000. School me on the differences and why they seem to be more desirable please... Thanks
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    Kudos to Carey's A/C!!

    Another satisfied customer! I come home from running errands all day @3:45pm on a scorching Havasu Tuesday afternoon and the A/C was blowing hot... Wife and kids were not happy. I remember the all the positive feedback on rdp about Carey, so I give him a call. He says you are the 2nd call...
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    Is it just me...

    Or is Havasu in desperate need of a watering hole like Fox's?!! Why the hell is there no place near the water that has a laid back classic rock kinda joint...??
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    Garage floor epoxied finally

    Finally pulled the trigger on the garage floor... Diamond blade grind one day process. Pretty happy with the result
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    Kudos to Car Toyz

    I know everyone has their favorite boat stereo shop in Havasu, but I thought I would share my positive experience I had with Anthony at Car Toyz today... He was super pleasant, didn't try to up-sell me, finished on time and cost even a little less than quoted. The work was way better than the...
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    One of my best days...

    This is the good stuff in life for me...
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    superduty's with 20x10 wheels and 35" tires.... let's see 'em!!

    Going to put new wheels and tires on my 1999 superduty. I like the 20x10" Fuel Maverick black and machined wheel and Toyo m/t tire. Does anyone have that or a similar set-up?? I'd like to see some installed before I pull the trigger... Thanks
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    Could use a little rdp help

    The wife is looking for some part time employment. She has over 20 years experience as a legal secretary. She is looking to find some work while the kids are at school... We live in RSM, so if you have an office in south county and are looking for reliable, professional expert help with any...
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    For Sale: I have a set of wheels/tires from my sons 2004 KTM 85SX. They are the 17"front / 14"rear combo with a newer OEM KTM 46 tooth rear sprocket. Wheels are in excellent shape. No dings or bends. Front tire is at about 75% Rear tire is at about 50% $200 OBO Text or call Rob at...
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    Havasu February Mondays...

    Don't suck
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    South County is going to shit...

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    Scaffolding guys are GNARLY!!

    100' over the water.. Pretty big huevos!
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    Hot Boat Magazines

    Hey inmates, I have 63 issues of Hot Boat magazine issues that I've been directed to get rid of... Any interest out there?? I like Coors Tan Cans, old wood waterskis, old school boating memorabilia, and of course, cash...! Just sayin'... I'm in RSM, and Havasu on Monday