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  1. socal0487

    Delta Boat Crash

    Skater named “Prototype” crashed on the Delta yesterday. Female still missing. It was at Desert Storm this past year.
  2. socal0487

    Parker 425

    Never been to the race so looking for some info. Coming into town this weekend and interested in checking it out. Where’s the best place to go and watch?
  3. socal0487

    Super Cat Fest West?

    Anyone know when this might be? Desert storm weekend or another time?
  4. socal0487

    ISO Car mechanic - Havasu

    Anyone recommend a reputable car mechanic in Havasu? AC went out on the 40 in a 2015 Jeep Cherokee. Thanks in advance
  5. socal0487

    Shooting Lake Havasu

    Anyone hear about this? Crazy story. https://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/ny-son-of-storage-wars-star-dan-dotson-injured-in-arizona-shooting-20200914-6z7hfwbxqfgrnj72g5iszezvjy-story.html
  6. socal0487

    Steering Helm

    Had this piece break inside our helm. Can’t find a replacement for it. Not opposed to swapping out the entire helm if I can find the right one. Anybody familiar with this? It’s on a 2004 Caliber 1. Rack and pinion. Tilt steering wheel. Has no distinguishable marks/companies on it but appears to...
  7. socal0487

    It’s a go? Desert Storm

    It’s happening
  8. socal0487

    Havasu Houses/Location

    Any locals familiar with the area around duel drive and combat drive south of smoketree Ave south? Good community? Any pros or cons or things we we should be aware about. Looking at purchasing a home in the area. Thanks
  9. socal0487

    Man Cave at Islander

    Life’s not to bad for Argyros. https://www.facebook.com/groups/speedboatmagazine/permalink/1951430724991880/
  10. socal0487

    Rental June 17-24

    Anyone have a 3/2 with a pool available from June 17-24? Let me know. Thanks
  11. socal0487

    Baltimore Coronavirus

    This is the most sound advice I’ve seen since this has all started. https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2020/03/18/we-need-those-beds-baltimore-mayor-urges-people-to-put-down-guns-after-violence-continues-during-covid-19-pandemic/
  12. socal0487

    Diving Boat Fire Santa Cruz Island

    Reports are still not confirmed but doesn’t look good. Currently they’re saying 30 fatalities. https://abc7.com/dozens-missing-after-boat-erupts-in-flames-off-ventura-county-coast/5508025/
  13. socal0487

    Missing kid Thompson Bay

    Mohave county is diving right now for a 17 year old who was hit by a rental boat in Thompson bay.
  14. socal0487

    Ultimate Toy Barge

    There was a picture floating around of what appeared to be a skater lifted onto the top of this rig but there’s plenty other toys on this thing. The quad 7 marines hanging off the back...
  15. socal0487

    Trailer Service

    Whose the go to company for trailer service in Havasu? Looking for paint, bunks, and axle service.
  16. socal0487

    WTR 3b2b pool home June 13-20

    Anybody have anything available in havasu from June 13th - 20th? Let me know. Thanks Brandyn
  17. socal0487

    Transferring Solar Lease in New House Purchase - Thoughts?

    I can always depend on the RDP community for sound advice. So here's my dilemma. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Who is the resident solar guy? I recently went into escrow on a house in Thousand Oaks (CA). The property is 2000sq ft on a 9000sqft lot. Great house with a bitchen...
  18. socal0487

    Officer involved shooting in Camarillo

    Bystander video of suicide by cop in Camarillo earlier today https://www.facebook.com/kvtanews/videos/1061258537226901/
  19. socal0487

    Rental House over Desert Storm

    Were looking at renting a house in Havasu for Desert Storm. We found one but dont know if its a good part of town? Can anyone give insight to the area so that we can go ahead with this? The property is close to Smoketree Elementary School and a couple streets north of McCulloch. Thank you...
  20. socal0487

    Desert Storm 2012 Pics

    Street Show