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    The site is back up but having problems. Trying

    On my iPhone, I’m still relogging in with Safari. On Tapatalk, I cannot see any of the forums accept the ones I’ve participated in. I like tapatalk. I go to one place for all of my feeds.
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    Stock market today….oh oh

    This is all fake news: This is all normal. Just ask every country that was effected when US economy collapsed in 07.
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    4 seat speed UTV

    I’ve been in one RZR 7 years ago in glamis during New Years. It’s not my deal. However, I like where Robby Gordon is going with this. He has a reputable name and he’s breaking the “rule” by entering a space that is controlled by only a few. The profits are astronomical for the future. As any...
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    can’t disagree with you on this. There was 400 boats for sale pre 4th of July. I posted how many boats were for sale end of 4th of July weekend on “onlyinboards.com” it was 1256 today there is 2450
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    Found One!

    Congrats on both, we have the same XL. If there’s anything I can tell you. Stay on top of the maintenance. We have already rebuilt the tranny from hard shifting between 1-2. Blown rear airbags. We’re at 67k miles. Not sure what else we could’ve done for preventative maintenance for the tranny...
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    Looking for a witness

    Just thinking out loud, maybe he was doing the same thing as you were at the no wake? On the phone trying to call his driver not paying attention both distracted and bang. Why wouldn’t you be at fault or Vice verse? Not trying to stir the pot, just wondering why it’s automatically his fault and...
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    This weeks RDP Real Estate Thread!!!

    I also feel almost everyone that could refinance to a lower rate did, pulled money out for various reasons. the next few months will certainly give a better “tell” what the market is going to do. September and October is when forbearance runs out. Evictions are happening again.
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    This weeks RDP Real Estate Thread!!!

    I agree, but they are reporting 50% of owners in forbearance are going to sell, downsize, collect equity. If we see an influx of homes hitting the market at those numbers, I’m going to presume equities will not be where they are at.
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    This weeks RDP Real Estate Thread!!!

    The last collapse was by 3 million homeowners. So in grand scheme of things, we are in a more volatile climate. 4 million homeowners in trouble. Our numbers are substantially higher then the last collapse and a more volatile environment with government buying up 120 billion a month in bonds...
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    This weeks RDP Real Estate Thread!!!

    2.5-3 million not paying rent, 1.8-2.0 million in forbearance. That runs out between this month and October. forbearance gives you three options. Renegotiate your loan with current lender, foreclose or sell your home. I would be surprised if we don’t have some kind of a major shake up. Well...
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    R.E. spike adjustment????

    https://www.redfin.com/CA/Palm-Desert/73860-Shadow-Lake-Dr-92260/home/5928360?1280460695=variant&600390594=control&231528114=variant&utm_source=ios_share&utm_medium=share&utm_nooverride=1&utm_content=link&utm_campaign=share_sheet Palm Desert isn’t cooling off. 500k “fixer”over 16 offers. One...
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    Rolex watches off eBay

    Some people use their discretionary income to purchase RV’s, boats, that almost all lose value when you drive off a lot. Unless Ofcourse it’s in a “pandemic”. I don’t know a single Rolex dating till the first ones made that has lost money. It’s arguably the best investment you can make as a...
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    "The Struggle Is Real" (against the sun)

    Why not wrap the hood and roof color of the truck? Probably $200 in material and labor
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    Investment ideas with 100k…

    The problem with entertainment rental business is your weekends are gone. if you are not fully committed to work very hard and long hours, you will be unsuccessful. It is as competitive as any business. Marketing, systems, finding good help. been part of manufacturing inflatables/jumpers for...
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    So after Cuomos resignation, he jumps on a helicopter to take off….. so who pays for that ride? Asking for a friend
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    Boat Rental in Havasu?

    Boatsetter.com is an online site similar to RVshare.com or airbnb for boats. You can rent a boat from most lake locations and oceans.
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    Barn find ski Centurion value

    https://www.onlyinboards.com/1990-SKI-CENTURION-TRU-TRAC-for-sale-YOUNGSTOWN-Ohio-123144.aspx Here’s one for 9k
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    Is the sky falling????

    When it comes to wakeboard boats, I like to use onlyinboards.com to gauge what the market is doing. If you simply search for “all boats” it gives you an overall number of boats listed. It was on the 400-700’s all year till July 4th. Today it’s at 1256, seems like right after the major holiday...
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    It isn’t just Havasu it’s everywhere..

    There was plenty of “hedge funds” buying up rental properties in 2004-2008 as well. And thousands of those homes were sold for pennies on the dollar on the auction block, when they could not sustain without tenants. When money is free flowing as it is, there’s no care in the world, rent big...
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    It isn’t just Havasu it’s everywhere..

    Everyone I know has refinanced. Lending is stricter, however the spending on material goods has x1000’d. Which can only say, nothing is really different in grand scheme of things. Household median income has not increased exponentially. But all of consumer goods has.