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  1. baja-chris

    Boat Storage Cost- LHC

    What about purchase prices for storage condos in LHC (if you can find one)? From what I can find out it seems like they are about $150/sqft now. So $150k for 1000 sqft.
  2. baja-chris

    4 seat speed UTV

    I'm way more stressed about not being able to find a 25x50 storage condo in Havasu than I am about not getting my Speed UTV. How long does it take to get a new Howard once they announce a new model? I would not know, since I gave up on them even answering the phone when I was ready to order...
  3. baja-chris

    Class A advice

    In the Newmar the system is called Oasis which burns diesel fuel to heat a glycol solution. We rarely use it. The floors are heated electrically. And the hot water has electrical heaters (2 stages at different wattages). Then if you need an actual heater, the Oasis uses a heat exchanger to...
  4. baja-chris

    Team RDP's Real Estate Listings!

    Where are all the Lake Havasu storage condos for sale? On the worlds shortest list?
  5. baja-chris

    Container costs/Shipping, stand by!

    Holy cow, why the backup? That's Billions of $$$.
  6. baja-chris

    Container costs/Shipping, stand by!

    I think I read there were 42 container ships queued to be unloaded at Long Beach. Each one of those take something like 15 trains to unload. That's 630 train loads of goods just sitting there. "Where's my shit?" There it is. Not sure what the issue is. Manpower at the docks?
  7. baja-chris

    So sick…. Vegas

    Nice pull Dave! That ought to cover a couple lab finished props for the ol pontoon boat!
  8. baja-chris

    Container costs/Shipping, stand by!

    Container is in Gilbert AZ, just off Williams Field near the 202. I just put the stacker trailer and the Baker tunnel hull on classifieds here. (waiting on mod approval). Can see the back of them in front of the container.
  9. baja-chris

    Container costs/Shipping, stand by!

    12ft wide RV gate, then about 15ft wide up to the container. Straight shot in from the street to back in a roll away or tiltbed. Will have to winch it up onto roll away. Power comes in from the backside, I'll need to disconnect it. I just put it on Craigs List.
  10. baja-chris

    Container costs/Shipping, stand by!

    I have a 8x28 container with a roll up door. 7-3 wide x 8ft tall opening, has power and lights. In Gilbert. Haul away price $2k obo. Where do you advertise stuff like this? Not here I'm sure!
  11. baja-chris

    FL To Parker In A Moho 10 or the 40?

    I find the semi traffic heavier and more aggressive on the 40 but the 10 can be bad too. I prefer the 10 but it does suck in the cities along the gulf coast, try to hit those off hours (avoid rush hours).
  12. baja-chris

    Who makes 40ft DP w/tag axle rated to tow 15k?

    You would probably need a collapsible top on the golf cart. Just guessing. If the jeep is a 2 door they might both fit the lower deck. There is about 4 feet of space ahead of my crewcab Raptor on the first deck. That space has a side ramp to load a motorcycle.
  13. baja-chris

    Who makes 40ft DP w/tag axle rated to tow 15k?

    Motorhome and top of OB both 13' 6". Hyd jack plate lets motor drop once on trailer. BTW, I'm going to sell both the stacker trailer and the Baker tunnel hull. It was fun and worked great but that was kind of a one and done trip for us. If I want to go boating in Florida again, I'll rent a...
  14. baja-chris

    Who makes 40ft DP w/tag axle rated to tow 15k?

    I ended up buying a new (2020) Newmar Dutch Star on a Spartan K2-450 chassis. It has the 4081 floorplan with theater seating instead of third pull out bed. It has most of the options available including a slide out basement fridge/freezer. I added 1800watts of solar and upgraded the house...
  15. baja-chris

    I look at this everyday

    I once bought a Porsche 911 Turbo S without telling my wife. Kept it in a classic car storage near the airport in another state where I flew into often for work. Put it on a separate insurance policy, thought I had all my bases covered. Life was good. Until a few months later when my wife...
  16. baja-chris

    U-3 Atlas Van Lines tow truck box van spotted

    I'm not much of a picture taker. Rolling back into Arizona today after a 15k mile trip. Saw a lot of rural america. Had to change route/schedule twice for hurricanes. My main take aways are that america is full of super nice people. There are way more trees and forests east of the plains...
  17. baja-chris

    This weeks RDP Real Estate Thread!!!

    Probably will not be too many foreclosures from this with prices up. Kinda hard to be upside down.
  18. baja-chris

    U-3 Atlas Van Lines tow truck box van spotted

    Sorry no camera in hand as we rolled by in the big rig. No place to pull off let alone do a u-turn with 65 feet.
  19. baja-chris

    Arizona Expects to Lose One-Fifth of State's Colorado River Water Supply Due to Drought

    Check out this pipeline proposal to pump water from the Snake River to Lake Mead...from 1963! I say do it now. Build nukes to power the pumps too! https://mountainscholar.org/bitstream/handle/11166/167118/cogjm.sw_sho_tap_sna_riv_11-14-63.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y