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    Sept. 5th Boat Parade

    Thank you! Didn’t know that…
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    Sept. 5th Boat Parade

    Hey all RDP I’m pushing for a remberance boat parade on Sunday 09/05. Starting in the channel at 13:00 (1pm) Nick from Niko’s, has committed to buying 13 flags. We need to recruit 13 flag holders on the London bridge for the parade. I’ll be one of them. If you know any honor guards that can...
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    Did the ceramic coating on our motorhome

    Yes. 8 years. Sensha has been around since 1997. That’s what sets Bob Moses apart from all the rest of the “detailers “. Bob Moses teams are not detailers. They are Ceramic Coating experts. Big difference. Their paint correction and surface prep are second to none. FYI: I have no financial...
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    Did the ceramic coating on our motorhome

    Misty and her team at Bob Moses in LHC have done two of my vehicles thus far... Their quality of workmanship is unparalleled. The results are truly amazing. Shensha product they use has an 8 year warranty. They’re customer service is top notch as well.
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    Vinyl AZ numbers

    Sue at Mack Signs. I got a two layer. Navy with grey outline. She is super cool. Product is very high quality.
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    Fire in Camp Pendleton?

    These are annual training fires are designed to both train fire personnel, and mitigate vegitation in and around the base. They don’t want to/ can’t afford to have to close the base down during a big uncontrolled brush fire. That would would pose a very serious National Security risk of the...
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    where to buy sxs tires in havasu

    Best Cycle Parts. They stock a ton of Mongrels. Maybe not the cheapest, but you can get them today. I’m sure they’d appreciate the local support...
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    LHC Storage Unit for sale

    Possibly... can you provide a phone number, and I’ll have them get in touch with you?
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    LHC Storage Unit for sale

    I hope it’s ok to put this here... My good friend is selling their Storage Unit in Havasu. It’s on Kiowa N, up the street from Rusty’s Diner. Super Storage Complex 1940 Kiowa Gated, security, RV dump, air conditioned bathroom and shower facility 35 deep 13 wide 14 tall Asking $38,500. Sorry...
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    WTF is with the Tecopa wake crasher?

    FYI.. The original agreement between the City and the Tribe says that the Casino boats are to run on ONE (1) engine while in the Channel!! NOT BOTH!! But they rarely follow that policy! They are destroying the Channel beaches... If I had my way, I believe the City should enforce a boat...
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    WTF... Orange County Boat Tax!

    Well... just so you know, AZ is closed until further notice... we don’t have any more room for California immigrants!
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    In Havasu prop 409

    Vote YES! Our Cops and Firefighters are asking for us to vote YES. Public Safety needs our support! Our Lake Havasu City Fire Department is grossly understaffed. The rapidly increasing transient (visitor) and permanent resident population has greatly reduced firefighters per capita. Also, our...
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    Hey, why are you on here again?? Aren’t you a douche, and, Didn’t Dave tell you, “to never come back?” I don’t get it... Did you get some sort of Obama pardon or something??
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    Cat Vs V bottom

    I was lucky enough to have a lengthy conversation with one of the west coast’s boating lengends on this subject, and I hold his opinion in high regard... His name is Fred Indman of IMCO Marine. In the end, Fred said that he loves a cat on the lake. But in Big Blue, the V-bottom still rules for...
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    496 HO hours

    Thank you.. I appreciate the compliment. That’s exactly the sentiment I was hoping to achieve when I ordered the boat 16 years ago... classic timeless graphics was the most important to me. I’m not rich, and could only afford to order a new Eliminator one time, so I had to make sure it lasted...
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    496 HO hours

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    496 HO hours

    I have more than 800 hours on my 2002 496 HO in my Eliminator 230 Eagle. Serviced religiously by my good friend Carsten Stampa. He used to work at Savage when Steve owned it. He is the best! Been running Kendall GT1 20W50 For the last 400 hours too...
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    Need a hotel in LHC tomorrow......

    Nautical Inn Bay Room... French Door opens to grass, the beach, the Turtle, the water.. best deal in town for $150 bucks...
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    Leaving pirates channel !!!!!!

    It's pretty well known that DCB's are awesome. And also pretty well known that DCB owners are not.... Just sayin'
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    Just cancelled Direct TV, school me...

    If your name was the only one on the account you just closed, you could do what we do... If your wife has never been on the account, go online and sign back up with Directv with only her on there. They have good deals for first time customers. We do it every year. Cancel, then re-up with a new...