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  1. Javajoe

    Miles? Parker Dam to Island? Island to Pirates?

    Wondering how my boat fuel consumption is. Parker Dam to Island? Island to Pirates?
  2. Javajoe

    Burro vs. my truck 😳

    Nobody won 😩 Bloody crime scene. By the time I unlocked my project and walked back to the scene someone had drug him out of the road. My truck is fucked. Won’t even go in reverse. I got a lot of meat in the smashed front end. Hit him doing about 45 on a curve at 2:45am this morning. Gotta call a...
  3. Javajoe

    Prop Repair

    My boat came with an extra prop. It’s slightly dinged. Any place out here near Riverside that can fix it?
  4. Javajoe

    Bravo 1 24p Prop

    Anybody have a Bravo 1 24p Prop? Tubing with our Magic deck. I got a 625 in it and it planes at about 25mph but I think a 24 would work a little better than my 26. Always have a grip of people, ice, drinks and full tanks normally. It’s already a heavy boat by itself
  5. Javajoe

    [WTB] Bravo 1 24p Prop

    Wanting to buy a Bravo 1 24p Prop. Will be in Havasu Thursday night thru Sunday. I reside in Riverside
  6. Javajoe

    [WTB] Bravo 1 22 or 24 Prop

    Looking for a Bravo 1 22 or 24P Prop. Towing some grandkids in my Magic Deck and need a little help
  7. Javajoe

    Parker drowning

    Guy I have known for many years jumped off his boat this weekend in Parker and somehow got tangled in a buoy line and the current dragged him under and he drowned. ( Edit: guess this was wrong info I received from another friend of his but tragic nonetheless. Really Sad) Celebrating his one year...
  8. Javajoe

    Pool Acid too high…Drain Pool 🤷🏻

    So wife went down and got water tested because she can’t get the acid down. It’s at about 300ppm. Leslies says ya gotta drain the pool and refill. Says there is no way to stabilize it. What’s your guys take on this? I don’t FW it. It’s the wife’s job 😎 I do other shit
  9. Javajoe

    Magic / Horizon Motor Sports

    So I was talking to a guy at CatTail Cove last weekend who says Preston squashed building new Magic’s. Says Preston dumped 6 mil. into it but tons of people who go screwed back in 06-08 was looking to sue him so he shuttered the thought of continuing to build the Magic deck boat. Any word on...
  10. Javajoe

    Windsor POPO

    Just got off the water at South Windsor ramp and the north ramp had a few sheriff boats docked and Like 3 sheriff cars at the ramp. Anybody know what was up?
  11. Javajoe

    CA assault weapon ban overturned!!!

    It’s about fuckin time!!! Judge says they are overwhelmingly owned by gun abiding citizens and go against the Constitution
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    Saw this being trailered on the way home. Pretty bad ass looking. Real shitty picture. These any good? Never heard of them. I had to zoom in and google the USSV from the rim center cap
  13. Javajoe

    Channel public slips?

    Sooo... I am heading down Early Sat. to redo my bunk carpet. Plan is to launch and dump the boat off somewhere then pick up the wife, go to storage, redo my bunks then go pick it up. LBR says they have public slips in front of the hotel that open at 6am. Lady was pretty rude so I gave up asking...
  14. Javajoe


    Anybody make Barbacoa? Wife makes it in the crock pot with a Brisket, Bay Leaves, Chipotle and a bunch of other stuff. Soo good for street tacos, salads, etc.
  15. Javajoe

    Trickle Charging...Leave hatch open?

    Whatcha say??? I think batteries off gas a bit when charging and seeing pictures of a burned up boat in a storage unit got me thinking. I always close the hatch while it charges just to keep it clean from all the dust and shit for the weeks it sits. What do you guys do?
  16. Javajoe

    So, did you here the one about...

    the guy who just got done fishing and went back down from his car to the waters edge to retrieve his fish that were in a bucket and was approached from a game warden. He ask the fishermen “what’s in the bucket?” Then noticed the fish and then asked “ya got a fishing license?” Fisherman said...
  17. Javajoe


    Anybody have this happen to you??? Get your boat back from service and find 3 of your engine covers, your transom engine fiberglass divider and a big unknown vinyl piece in your front compartment and a bunch of screws in the cup holder then call the place who did the work and they said “Oh...
  18. Javajoe

    Anybody going to Steamboat tomorrow?

    Wife and I will be there. Would be nice to meet some RDP crew
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  20. Javajoe

    #1 Vinyl and Leather Repair

    Big shout out to #1 Vinyl and Leather Repair out of Corona. Wife called them yesterday and 2 guys came to the house today and repaired a 3” cut in our boat seat. $100.00 well spent. Says he does tons of insurance work. Recommend by Riverside Boat Upholstery. I checked Yelp and all good reviews...