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    RD shirt the new Quicksilver.

    Costco today, see a rdplace shirt , I say say (river Dave's place)...I get from both the wife and husband what I can tell to be a hu...and walk away...I don't know want to say ....fuck this place I am out of here.
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    suggestions on 2500 truck wrap?

    I am thinking of doing my 2500 matte black any suggestions? I am looking for top of the line wrap and installer. LA or OC ok.
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    Big boat shopping Apache .....Cigarette ?

    Any boat manufacture I am missing that made a straight bottom in a big boat speed need to be 80+ size need to be 38' to 42'. Does anyone know where the big molds ended up from magic?
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    Boat molds (High maintenance )

    Just don't have time for another business. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/boa/d/boat-molds-for-28/6419400540.html
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    Not the happiest day of my life like everyone says

    My design and build was sold today. It went to a great home, I just have not used it in two years. I am sure I will be fishing on it one day with the friend I sold it to but that chapter in my life has closed. I have owned and built a few boats and still to this day it has not been the...
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    Hydrofoil on a water ski ?

    So I have been hooked on sup and down wind paddling, I have done some of the big paddles in Maui and the Columbia Gorge but what some are doing is just sick. Wondering if the foil crew has used the new light weight foils and do you think one could work on a ski pulled with a boat. Just asking...
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    Comercial airline over Arrowhead

    I have been crazy busy so I have not been up on the hill that much this year but last night and day it seemed like they where buzzing the tower. This is bull shit.
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    Prop Shop in So Cal

    So went on a run to the island and hit something in the water on the go to prop, normal guy is not normal any more. Where do you take your props?
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    White trash on the green egg

    Time to eat no time to wait.
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    Koi babies. ...

    I have been very lucky.
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    wtf....John Travolta playing Don Aronow

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    ALA paddle boards really! !!!!!

    So last year they make you pay to put a paddle board on the lake now they want to be named second insured for a paddle board. Wtf.
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    Fire in Claremont

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    Looking for Seat Wrap?

    Does anyone know of someone that can do this type of seat wrap without trapping the material with fiber glass?
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    Bernico Restoration she was good to me

    So I had some extra time and thought that the fiber glass tanks in the boat where probably bad and did not want to blow a motor. Everything snowballed and now I have a Arrowhead cruiser! New gel inside and out, matching powder coated hardware, and new seats. I have to give a big thanks for the...
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    Welcome back ChumpChange

    Welcome back fellow Claremont person.
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    2015 Heartland Cyclone 3800 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

    Is there any interest in this trailer, stored inside and very little use. 2015 Heartland Cyclone 3800 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler The CYCLONE Features and Options Kitchen / Interior  LED lighting throughout  Kitchen island with backlight fascia  Walnut cabinets...
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    Baldy Rats

    Any Baldy rats going up to make some turns. Could be thin but it is Baldy and all 4 chairs will be running I think? I am on the fence because of too much work.
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    Bald Eagle Arrowhead

    Bald Eagle in arrowhead, not the best photo it caught me off guard on Sunday in the middle of the day.
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    wtb Nautique 210 TEAM

    I have a AU friend that is looking for this boat used, any help is appreciated.